These Facts about Bani J will Sweep you Off the Floor! was in awe of this woman! She lifts heavy like an athlete, she is unapologetically passionate for fitness and gym certainly makes her life go round. Watch her talking to you about her life and perform super-inspiring back workout in this video!

  1. Bani J grew up mostly in Chandigarh, exposed to people and environment which gave health and fitness a priority, her mother was a health freak, and was into Yoga and lifting, etc. Her sister was a National level Tennis player.
  2. Bani went to Woodstock boarding school, hence, up in the mountains, track and field sports, athletics, hiking, etc were a part of her education and she enjoyed it like anything. She was a part of school basket-ball and hockey team.
  3. Bani and her sister used to do horse-riding a lot since they were kids. Her grandfather used to take them to the long walks along the lake and was very active till his ending days.
  4. Her mother would often take them out on excursions like Safaris.
  5. When Bani was 19, she moved to Mumbai. She was putting her life together, working to find and enhance herself, grow as a professional and there were actually no hours off for her, she was continuously on the go when she realized that something was missing in her life and she has to work towards it asap.
  6. This was time when she decided to join a gym. Her first gym was Barbarian which was in Lokhandwala at that time.
  7. At that time, that gym had celebrities working out there and obviously, Bani was pretty excited to pursue her passion of making a body and live the fittest.
  8. Soon, Bani started feeling that her trainer was not pushing her enough for the results, or may be he is taking it easy with her. She was confident that even if she was soar in the muscles, she was capable of doing more than what she was doing.
  9. From here, Bani developed the urge to know more and do more herself. She could no more be dependent on instructional knowledge of trainers to make her achieve which only she knew she could.
  10. She realized that she needs to get educated in it. Although at that time, there was no certain direction in fitness, or guidelines, from where she could gather the knowledge and begin somewhere.
  11. Her transition to an avid fitness freak began during the days she was often going to Bangalore for Roadies audition. She had time on hand in between and hence, located a shop there as recommended by people around. There were hell lot of magazines on fitness and sports, all international issues in the shop. They were pretty expensive for her given that she already was struggling. But it was her passion so she bought those magazines in bulk for studying them.
  12. Bani literally used to spread those magazines in her little room in Mumbai, on her bed and would study them. Highlighting exercises, noting down the name of exercises and workouts, how to carry them out and all on a piece paper. So much of details went through her process of learning, but she was somewhere satisfied that she was doing the best to improve bit by bit even if that meant being ridiculed for her attempts at learning about fitness in the gym!
  13. Not only this, her readings, enabled her to stay motivated all the time, when she went through the stories and interviews of fitness legends from across the world.
  14. She used to take cut-outs of the workouts, paste it in her notebook and would write that she had to this much reps and this much sets of this one. All manually. She had a very basic phone back then and hence, learnt with whatever she had at hand.
  15. She made it sure to practice all her knowledge, right from her form, to execution of the workouts on herself in the gym with confidence and care.
  16. She said that nothing comes easy in life and you have to keep that fire and zeal burning inside to reach your call of passion.

A VJ, actor and fitness enthusiast, Bani J shares with you how she grew up in an environment which gave importance to fitness and it is all inbuilt in her – the love for workout and she feels at home doing every kind of workout day in and day out. She said that she can warm up, do supersets and fine in doing most of the exercises but that is on days when she is eating in the middle of her workouts.

Further, in her message to the nation she insisted that everyone must get involved in some sort physical activity daily and keep themselves fit and raring to go. She said that she feels good when people get motivated by watching her videos on the socials and do comment that they have joined the gym, started working out. Well, yes, Bani J you are right, also thinks that you are doing a great job inspiring and motivating the nation and helping them in gaining fitness consciousness!

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