Harish Chaudhary: Bodypower Fitfactor Winner 2018 tells His Story

There might be many hurdles like diseases and finances, but what works in the end is your will-power to achieve which makes look every problem as a petty issue. Harish Chaudhary tells how he made it as a winner on the stage in this athlete coverage. Read ahead.

I am Harish Chaudhary, I have been a bodybuilding athlete and now, play Men’s Physique.  I stay in Delhi. I started my fitness routine to participate and make it big in the field of bodybuilding but 2016 onwards I switched to Men’s Physique.

Since the day I started working out and setting my goals, I have been helped by Pardeep Rana, a very close family friend. He has supported me at every step. At times he would call me up, motivate me and even scold me to push me towards my goal and deliver more with every passing year. Learning has been an inspiring journey for me with him.

In 2016, after winning a series of stage battles in bodybuilding, I had to take a break because I got down with Typhoid for straight 2 months. But as soon as I recuperated, I started training again and slowly turned the knob to more targeted and intensive training to prepare for Men’s Physique titles later. So setbacks didn’t exactly pull me down but pushed me towards a better and different direction for me.

Like most of the athletes, the major challenge which comes up our way is raising funds for our preparation and competitions. I also have to arrange for money to support my sport and with time competition is increasing. I am a self-dependent person and don’t wish to depend upon anyone else in family or friends for financially supporting my sport.

I wake up at 6:30 am and 7:30 am I leave home for my gym sessions at Bijwaasan Power Gym near Palam Vihar Gurgaon. Then from 8:30 am to 10:30 am I workout and reach back home by 11:30am. Rest, I again visit gym to do train myself from 5pm to 7pm and also, to train people there. My days are a regular starting with Chest, Triceps and Abs then Back, Biceps and Sides then Legs and Calf then Shoulder and Sides then Arms and Abs then Legs then seventh day is rest.


  1. Mr Delhi (Bodybuilding) – 2 times – 2015
  2. Mr North India (Bodybuilding) – 2016
  3. Mr India (Bodybuilding) – 2 times – 2016
  4. Mr Bodypower Fitfactor – 2018
  5. Jerai Classic Overall – 7th Place
  6. Iron Man of India

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