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4 Healthy Lifestyle Mantras by Anupama Chatterjee

If you’re looking for any mantra to lead a healthy life then you’re at the right place. Here we’re going to discuss KAPB lifestyle mantra.

4 Healthy Lifestyle Mantras by Anupama Chatterjee

With all the vast information around and on-going chunks of fast food, it seems almost impossible to keep your health right! Here is a new mantra, which will keep your health right, mind tight and body ready to fight. KAPB mantra stands for Knowledge Attitude Practice Belief. 

The four pillars for a great health are:

1. Knowledge (K)

It’s very important to know what you are eating. The food that goes into your body shapes it. It provides the body with all the necessary (as well as the evil) nutrients. Hence, it becomes imperative to know about the food you consume. How do you do it? Just turn around your food container and bingo! You have the list of all the contents in the food.

2. Attitude (A)

Your attitude towards the food is very important. A healthy attitude is primarily what we recommend for a healthy lifestyle when patients come to us. What many people have to do, however, is change their food attitude from one of self-deprivation to one of self-control. Extremes are not great for a healthy lifestyle. Hence, change your attitude towards food from “I can’t ever have chocolate again” to “I can have a small portion of dark chocolate once in awhile”.

3. Practice (P)

Practice wellness. Practice mindfulness. Practice is how you choose to live instead of one day diet. Practice builds your habit towards being healthy. Try to take fruit juice instead of a coke. Practice is the single most effective key to a great health.

4. Belief (B)

Just because your last diet didn’t work, doesn’t mean you cannot lose weight. BELIEVE in yourself all over again till you achieve it. Your belief creates your confidence and your confidence is your biggest motivator. So believe in yourself and your coach until you reach a great health.

So, follow KAPB and live the effortless lifestyle.

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