Home Workouts can be tiresome and people tend to become inconsistent when they don't know how to schedule their workouts and spread them over the week so that they get 360 degree workout benefit and can see progress towards their fitness goals. 7 Days Home Workout with Rosie - the series arms you with an adrenaline rushing routine structured evenly over 7 days. You can perform these exercises anytime, anywhere. They are of different types, intense as well as stress busting and there is not even a single day when you are not exercising in the week! So watch and tear up those tyres in your core, burn those harmful layers of fat in your system and tone your muscles to perfection with Rosie.

  • 21 Sun Salutations - Day 7

    Day 7 of 7 Days Home Workout with Rosie is a series of Yoga poses for relaxing whole of your body, mind and soul. It is all about bringing the balance to your system.

  • Full Body Dumbbell Workout – Day 6

    Day – 6 of home workout series with Rosie is all about full body workout with dumbbells at home. These workouts strengthen your arms, chest and back while toning whole of your body, further helping in overall weight loss as well.

  • Lunges Workout - Day 5

    In Day 5 of 7 Days Home Workout series, Rosie shows you how to perfect the art of doing lunges. Watch her as she demonstrates different variations of lunges.

  • Flow Yoga Cardio Workout - Day 4

    In Day-4 of 7 Days Home Workout series, Rosie brings to you Flow Yoga Cardio workout. These exercises are cardio exercise combinations with yoga postures, giving you benefit of both the forms. Needless to say that they help you lose stubborn fat as well as tone your body. Watch full video to know more.

  • Core Strengthening Workout – Day 3

    Day 3 of home workout with Rosie highlights the importance of core workout along with demonstration of core exercises to chisel your abs.

  • Upper Body Workout - Day 2

    Day – 2 of 7 Days Home Workout with Rosie focuses on Upper Body Workout. This targets your shoulders, core, upper back muscles and arms. From warming up to an ending with stretches, she demonstrates 5 exercises for upper body in between.

  • Total Body Workout - Day 1

    Day – 1 of 7 Days Home Workout with Rosie begins with Total Body Workout. This targets your shoulders, core, butt, back and legs, improves overall strength and tones your entire body. From warming up to cooling down, she demonstrates a 6 exercise schedule with 30 seconds rest in between sets.

  • Introduction of 7 Days Home Workout

    If you are not able to exercise because of lack of knowledge of what to do each day of week; If you lack time to exercise or workout in a gym, if for some reason you are confined indoors; this 7 days home workout routine by Rosie will help you get your fitness goal right at your home.