Fitness Weekly is a weekly news bulletin which broadcasts news from fitness industry as well as will talk to the fitness and sports industry dignitaries over the topics impacting fitness industry. After airing the news and news analysis for the week, the webinar will see many visionaries in an engaging talk session with Body and Strength host and anchor Jinnie GC. Each episode of the talk-session will be themed on a specific topic of interest.


    Fitness Weekly caters to the latest news and happenings, which impact fitness sector. The first episode of the bulletin focuses on evolution of the gym industry and training methods during and after lockdown. The news bulletin is followed by a webinar talk session with dignitaries conducted by the journalist and host Jinnie GC.


    Technology has taken this period by storm. This is a time when companies have changed their models to online trainings and events. How people and brands are taking to it? This episode talks about this vital transition in fitness industry. Jinnie GC’s intriguing discussion with tech-based brand owners reveals the ground below the net!