This series gives an exhaustive demonstrated overview of all the essential yoga asanas by Tanny Bhattacharjee. A seasoned yoga teacher and fitness enthusiast, she shows how to perform asanas with correct posture and focus on your breath. Yoga is an ancient exercise form which involves stretches, postures and process of correct respiration. These asanas are therepeutic, strengthening and create a balance between body and mind. Time and again, yoga has proven to be the last resort for killing stress of both the faculties. All exercises are when combined with these asanas in your regimen, they increase immunity, give better results, and build resistance against injuries. Watch Yoga with Tanny to begin with your perfect yoga posture today!

  • 5 Yoga Poses for Back Pain - Episode 3

    In the episode 3 of series Yoga with Tanny, there are important yoga poses for your digestion system, your strong back, thighs and hips. Do them regularly as Tanny does and see their benefits!

  • Yoga for Anxiety & Stress - Episode 2

    In the episode 2 of the series - Yoga with Tanny, you will discover the calmer and more flexible part of your being as she demonstrates some of the effective yoga poses here to relieve anxiety and stress.

  • Boost your Immunity with these Yoga Postures - Episode 1

    Episode – 1 of Yoga with Tanny series focuses on yoga postures and age old anulom vilom pranayam. Including these postures in your daily exercise regimen help you develop immunity - from robust digestive system to strong lungs.