• Overview

    In this series, we will bring you a 6-week LBD program, get hold of some exclusive workout of cardio strengthening your lower body guiding you every week with the right nutrition. Grab a perfect breakfast along with some useful widely used dietary supplements which are as good as your training routine and daily regimen.

  • Quads & Calves - Day 1

    Let’s start the 6-week LBD workout challenge! Today is Day 1 where we are exploring quintessential lower body exercises, especially quads and calves that quickly build strength, improve your balance, and hone things like grip strength, which pay dividends in the long run.

  • Upper Body - Day 2

    Welcome to Day 2 of LBD Workout! An Upper-Body Circuit Workout builds balanced strength. Lattissimus Dorsi is the biggest muscle and today we are going to target your lat muscles!! Let’s get going!!

  • Metabolic Conditioning - Day 3

    Hey!! It’s time for the next episode of LBD workout! Welcome to episode 3!! Let’s experience and train exercises that vary from moderate to high intensity.

  • Glutes & Hamstrings - Day 4

    Hey Welcome! Today is LBD workout Day 4 and Fitness Coach Priyanka targets of slow and controlled movements targeting the glutes at all angles, the hips, hamstrings to add shape to the lower body. Of course you'll like it and it's a must try!!

  • Shoulders & Arms - Day 5

    Hello! Welcome to LBD Workout Day 5 with your Fitness coach Priyanka. Today we are going to show how to build a set of strong shoulders and arms that must be consistent with your body!!

  • Abs & Mobility Drills - Day 6 & 7

    Hey! Today is the last day of LBD workout! Join your Fitness coach Priyanka, Live from gym for an intense concentrated core stretch session only for You!!

  • LBD Week 2 Update

    Check out Fitness expert Priyanka’s intense workouts on calves and quads, a fat-blasting full-body workout that will tone you up just in time for a special occasion dress.

  • 6-Week Weight Loss Transformation Journey

    Getting to low levels of body fat and staying there is dependent on shifting your mindset. Learn about maintenance of metabolism, food cravings, mastering your habits, health hazards with Fitness Expert Priyanka in this week 2 update of the 6-week challenge of the LBD program!