• Because being Hu-Man is Enough!

    Most of men in India are stereotyped. For society, man means the provider, the one who doesn't show emotion often and does all the 'tough' work. Really? Here, watch women talk about men - A tribute to Manhood. Because being hu-man is enough!

  • Save Indian Fitness Industry: A Message

    A Message for All of You by Thakur Anoop Singh (Actor, Athlete, Pilot), Yatinder Singh (Athlete, AimFit Gym Owner), Junaid Kaliwala (Athlete, SOS Owner), Rita Singh (IFBB Judge, Former Athlete), Yashmeen Chauhan (Athlete, Sculpt Gym Owner), Vikas Jain (Anytime Fitness, MD), Nikhil Kakkar (Gold’s Gym, COO), Arun Bhattacharya (Master Trainer, Sports Nutritionist), Manish Gandhi (COO, ABECL), Chirag Sethi (Founder, Classic Fitness Academy) - Listen!

  • Diwali Wishes from Bodyandstrength.com!

    If you are healthy, have loved ones in life, have a home and capacity to buy gifts – you are rich. You are granted this richness to grant and give even further. Use this occasion to spread your light in others’ lives!

  • Independence Day Message from Bodyandstrength.com Fitness Icons

    Being Independent is Being Fit Enough to Do So! Fitness icons of India at bodyandstrength.com share their perspective of independence and wish all Indians across the world a very Happy Independence Day!

  • Mother's Day Message from Mothers to Mothers!

    A mother is by and large a synonym of strength. How many times it would happen that you looked up to your mother for answers, for solace, for peace and for inspiration? Almost at every stage of life and age of life.

  • Bodyandstrength.com Women’s Day Ambassadors’ Bare Message

    Did you know that biologically women have more endurance than men? Yes, there are many beliefs which are being broken and gender stereotypes being challenged by powerful women like them. Listen to what they have to say on women’s day!