Bodyandstrength.com team caught up with celebrities and celebrity trainers who have given new dimensions to fitness industry with their consistent work. Our host Shona Rajput is seen in this 4 episode fun workout saga with Celebrity Trainer, Fitness Expert, Reality Show Star - Rahul Bhatt; Celebrity Trainer who has trained Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and many other actors – Pradeep Bhatia; Ace Physique Athlete, Fitness Expert and Popular Actor – Thakur Anoop Singh; Celebrity Trainer who has trained Salman Khan and is still training an array of actors, sports icons and bodybuilding athletes – Rakesh Udiyar. The insights and training styles of these fitness celebrities will blow you mind away and inspire you to the core. Stay tuned and watch more.


    Bodyandstrength.com host Shona Rajput works out with Rahul Bhatt and weights instantly became lighter with the energy. Rahul’s patient and strategic approach is perhaps, what sets him apart. His side of fitness trainer is explored and to watch what tips are revealed by this fitness expert and celebrity trainer, watch Episode – 1 of celebrity workout catch-up series.


    Do not wonder, just be there with this gregariously wonderful celebrity trainer who owns his own gym in the name of Elixir Fitness. He has helped sculpt many great bodies in Bollywood and what we watch on screen is perhaps the foundation given by trainers like him. Shona Rajput is seen exploring what sets him apart with her workout session with him at bodyandstrength.com. You too go ahead and find out Episode - 2.


    He has carved mythological character of Dhritrashtra with the talent of a seasoned actor, he is and is being seen in many other entertaining projects. We admire his physique and he has bagged Mr. World title on international stage with it. But clearly a lot goes behind this success. Shona Rajput is seen working out with Thakur Anoop Singh and discussing important tips on fitness in Episode – 3 of Celebrity Workout Catch-Up series.


    We should be really thankful to the celebrity trainers who have guided our favorite icons to the glorious physique we almost worship! Rakesh Udiyar is one of those passionate celebrity trainers who takes every training session very seriously, he may seem playful but he is pretty serious when it comes to training. Find out what happens when our host Shona Rajput trains with him in Episode – 4.