Watch how these athletes became successful mass movers with their incessant practice and determination. It is not only about their transformation but their training technique and understanding of their respective sport that sets them apart.

  • Secrets to Successful Transformation by Hannah Sim

    Hannah Sim is a fitness coach and a fitness model with many achievements in her kitty. But it was not always like this. She has overcome many obstacles, biggest of them being obesity and too in her teenage! She transformed herself to the best version of herself and fondly shares her story in this video.

  • Story of an International Athlete, Powerlifter, Writer, Entrepreneur and Educator – Jinnie Gogia Chugh

    I am a Woman. I am Jinnie Gogia Chugh. I am an international athlete, a powerlifter, a writer and CMD of Finergy Serve – The introduction echoes the power within. The video coverage unleashes the trials, inspiration and breakthrough notions about women and the sport of bodybuilding and powerlifting.

  • Manik Dhodi Tells You How Running Makes a Super Sonic Life like His!

    Manik Dhodi is a marathon runner and works for Adidas India as Director Real Estate. This video from bodyandstrength.com gives the story of a running fighter who realized his goal, changed his habits and successfully was not only able to transform himself but now, is helping others to change their lifestyle too.

  • Training Life with MMA Fighter Dhruv Chaudhary

    It’s his spirit that made him to choose one of the most dangerous sports in India!

  • Gaurav Makkar: First Triathlete to Represent India in Ultraman World Championship

    His sport demands passion, determination and hardwork and he has all of these 3 things that allowed him to push the boundaries with zeal!