'A Day In Life Of' Features the Most Sought After Fitness and Sports Icons. Find out what Guru Mann believes in, how Deepa Mallik trains against all odds, what makes Kaizzad Capadia do that extra rep, how does Yatinder Singh begin and end his day, who is Suhas Khamkar apart from an iconic bodybuilder, meet the family of Thakur Anoop Singh and share his values - many more such stories get unwrapped when you spend a day with these life-changers. Bodyandstrength.com presents 'A Day In Life Of' series - get a feel of hard work, dreams and missions of icons here!

  • Kaizzad Capadia - Known as the Iron Man of India and Nations Strength Coach: Part 1, Part 2

    How Kaizzad Capadia, the fitness maestro (Co-founder and Director of K11 Academy) spends his day? Yes, the questions equally interests all in the industry. Time to kill the curiosity, bodyandstrength.com was with him and summarized a typical day in his life from his meetings, off..

  • A Day in Life of Guru Mann

    The fitness icon, the industry follows almost as a legend. He has build a brand out of himself with his knowledge, hard work and vision. People follow him not only as a fitness industry dignitary but as a leader with a vision. Let’s know all about him, his family, his vision, his..

  • A Day In Life Of Padma Shri Deepa Malik

    What happens when whole day becomes a goose-bumps experience filled with inspiration – A day in life of Padma Shri Deepa Malik! The steel woman and an avid Indian sports athlete engaged into a candid conversation with bodyandstrength.com in the video coverage and also, worked out..

  • A Day In Life Of A Bodybuilder: Yatinder Singh

    This is one of the most awaited video from bodyandstrength.com where Yatinder Singh shares his whole day’s routine with the public – How his morning begins, his prayers, beliefs, vision, family, work, workouts, diet and the inspiring story of his life; how he manages his bodybuil..

  • A Day in Life of Thakur Anoop Singh, Part – I and Part - II

    If you wondered how Thakur Anoop Singh spends his day, here is the mystery revealed to you by bodyandstrength.com. From his take on nutrition to his life and family to his MMA training, dance classes, his spiritual beliefs to his sacred ‘karma’ which he renders through his acting..

  • A Day In Life Of Suhas Khamkar

    IFBB PRO Suhas Khamkar – Mr World, Mr Asia, Mr India and Maharashtra Shree are some of the mammoth titles he holds in the field of bodybuilding. Bodyandstrength.com met Sushas Khamkar in Mumbai and spent a day with him to see who he is like in person. What family values he carrie..