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Your Bad Fitness Habits That Are Wasting All of Your Workout

Do you have perfect regime but even after working out so hard, you are not satisfied with your health and fitness. If this is the case, you need to change your some of your habits that are affecting you workout and hurting your expectations.

Your Bad Fitness Habits That Are Wasting All of Your Workout

You are doing every possible thing to stay healthy and fit but still find your that your workout and exercises are wasted then you need to know whether your this frenzy of getting fit hurting you. Your fitness habits can hurt your workout and may lead to injuries and weakness in your body.

1. Ignoring body pain

We all have ideology of ‘no pain, no gain’ in our mind but it need to be changed. Ignoring your pain for the sake of your ideology can make you pay a lot.

Pain is a sign that needs attention should be taken care of. Underestimating your body-pain can damage your muscle tissues that can distract you from your workout schedule.

2. Skipping stretching

Stretching makes body elastic and flexible but some skip it out from their workout schedule to focus more on the other exercises. This is the biggest mistake that they are making. Skipping stretching and continuing their other physical activities during the period can damage muscles, as researches show stretching aids the muscle recovery.

3. Skipping cool down

Cool down after a heavy workout schedule is too important but some underestimate it as they feel bit tired after heavy workout. Cool down decreases the body temperature to normal. It is as important as drinking water after having meal.

4. Exercising empty stomach

Starting your workout without having our morning meal is not good for health. Experts recommend to fuel your body before start practicing any demanding physical activity according to your schedule.

But it does not mean that you will have your full meal just before working out! Not fuelling your body leads to dizziness and weakness because of low sugar levels in your body. It is good to eat or drink something light and energizing, take half an hour break and then workout.

5. Repeating the same

Repeating your same exercise schedule over and over can result in loss of your interest in the same. Repetitive schedule sometimes becomes less effective and boring as well.

Changing your exercise schedule from time to time will give your body muscles more strength to tackle with. It will also make workout fun for you.

6. Not sleeping enough

A heavy workout regime and your daily work routine makes your body tired and if you are not having enough sleep, it can affect you not only physically but mentally as well. As per the experts, an individual must take at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day.

While sleeping, your body heals the muscle tissues and makes you more energetic for next day regimen.

7. Over expectations

Imagining to show off biceps and six pack abs in front of your friends after few months of joining gym and working so hard towards your goal to achieve it? Expecting is not wrong but wanting something too fast and working hard without knowing your strength and capability, results in serious injuries. Hence, go at your own pace, keep patience and be persistent.

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