You should Never be too Busy to Ignore your Health: Puneet Saini

“Fitness is in my blood and bones”, says Puneet Saini, whose transformation story can encourage lots of people who want to become fit. Read his amazing story and get inspired by his determination and hard work.

You should Never be too Busy to Ignore your Health: Puneet Saini

Puneet Saini was inspired by the god of bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger. When he was 16 years old, he started lifting weights at home. At that time, he didn’t have proper weights at home but still he used to manage by lifting bricks, cylinders and jars filled with water. Upon seeing his dedication toward gym, his father offered him the gym membership and that was the happiest moment in his life.

Puneet was so much dedicated towards fitness that he used to gain knowledge about the workouts and nutrition from the internet and by reading articles of the world’s well-known bodybuilders. He never took any kind of personal training sessions from anyone. And he was so much strict about his diet that even when his classmates used to eat junk,  he used to follow his diet all the time.

There came a turning point in Puneet’s life when he got sick and faced some medical issues. Because of that he was not able to continue with the sport as it took long time to recover from the illness. And there he stopped everything. After recovery, his routine and everything got changed. The focus towards fitness was not there. He stopped going to the gym. He started eating junk and consuming alcohol. That continued for 2years. But one day,  while going through the social media, he found that boys of his age group have achieved a lot in the fitness industry. Then he decided to make a comeback with 100% dedication and motivation, so that he could change himself.

Puneet decided that he would make his own path towards fitness, no matter what someone else was doing. And at the end, he got results. He is still working daily to achieve more by putting his 100% efforts. He says that he is not going to quit till his last breath. Fitness is in   his blood and bones.

I train abs for 1 hour in the morning and weight training in the evening for 1- 1/2 hours.

Here he shares his basic diet:

“I balance my diet by talking each and every nutrition which is essential for our body. I takeprotein and carbs according to my bodyweight. I don’t consume sugar and junks.”

With regards to time management to stay fit Puneet says, “I am a law student and intern also, so I wake up at 6 in the morning. Then I run to the gym to train my abs (cardio session) for 1 hour. After coming back to the home, I prepare my meals for the day and get ready for the work. In the evening I return back home from the work and take rest for 1 hour. In that 1 hour, I take my pre-workout meal and then again go to the gym for the weight training. No matter how much busy schedule I have, I manage to take out time for my workout.”

In his message Puneet says, “No matter how old you are, no matter how much busy you are, please just take out time for yourself and workout. I am not saying just go the gym and workout, I mean to say whatever you like to do and what keeps you healthy and fit, just do it with 100% dedication and motivation. Remember, you are the potter and your body is the mud. It’s in your hands how beautifully you sculpt it.”

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