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Yoga Poses for Sound Sleep - by Namra

Some yoga poses can help us get a better sleep. Perform them as mentioned in this article to get proper sleep and get rid of sleep disorders which are the root cause of many diseases sometimes.

Yoga Poses for Sound Sleep - by Namra

We all know the importance of sound sleep. Sleeping properly is necessary to maintain good health. Practice of yoga can be very helpful for us if we want to sleep properly. Yoga has the power to boost our mental and physical health. The best thing about yoga is that people of all ages can practice it. So, it is actually very beneficial to make yoga a part of our lifestyles. If we start our day by practicing yoga for about 15-20 minutes, we can definitely improve our health. Yoga can play an important role improving our sleep cycle. The yoga poses mentioned here can ensure sound sleep and consequently rejuvenate us. If we take timely sleep, we will feel more relaxed and energetic. Therefore, we should practice some yoga poses daily that give us a better sleep. 

1. Parvathasana (Mountain Pose)

In order to perform this yoga, first of all we need to start on all fours and make sure that our palms are under our shoulders and our knees are below our hips. We need to lift our pelvis, pushing off from our toes and palms. Then we have to form an inverted V shape from our body by straightening the knees and elbows. We need to make sure that our palms should be at shoulder width apart. After that we have to bring our feet closer and lift up our heels. While performing this yoga, we need to keep our focus on our big toes.

2. Vajrasana (Thunderbolt pose)

This yoga pose can be done after having a meal. To perform this yoga, firstly we need to place our knees on the floor. Our heels should be kept closer to each other. Our palms should be placed on the knees facing upward. It is very important to straighten our back and look forward.

3. Dandasana (Staff Pose)

To perform this yoga, firstly we need to sit on the ground. Our back should be straight. Then we need to stretch our legs out in front of us. It is also important to keep the muscles of our thighs and pelvis tight. We also need to keep our palms beside the hips on the floor to support the spine.

4. Advasana (Reverse Corpse Pose)

To perform this yoga, first of all we have to lie down on our stomach. After that we have to stretch our arms. Our palms should be kept facing down shoulder width apart. Our forehead should be on the ground.

These yoga poses should definitely be performed regularly, if we want to get proper sleep.

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