Yes, Water Helps You Lose Weight And Gain Muscle!

No doubt exercising is very important for health but what about hydration? Are you drinking enough water during workout? Do you know the drawbacks of not taking enough water during workout? This article will help you in finding out the answers to your questions.

Yes, Water Helps You Lose Weight And Gain Muscle!

Staying hydrated is equally important for your health. When we workout we sweat a lot and lose water through sweating.  The amount of water you lose through sweating during the exercises that should be replenished immediately.

Our body needs water to keep running, stay healthy and fit. Water is the most important nutrient.

If you get dehydrated then you will not be able to perform a good workout. So if you feel start thirsty in the workout it’s an alert actually.

May be you’re not aware of the fact right now but it can have quite serious effects on your body. So it’s very important hydrate yourself throughout the workout. Lack of water in the body can also cause injuries to your body such as muscle strains, soreness and splints.

There myths are also that prevent people to take this thing seriously and they think that these misconceptions don’t have base.

Water during Workout: The consumption of water depends on the duration of the activity. If you are doing the workout that is not lasting more than 1 hour then you don’t need to drink too much water.

We should consume cold water rather than normal room temperature water because cold water has a faster gastric emptying time.

If you’re doing a high intensity workout or any sports activity and that’s going on over 1 hour then there are more chances of low performance due to dehydration. In this case you have to intake sufficient amount of water to fulfill the body’s requirement.

Drink Water Quantity Time
Before Workout   Before 15 minutes
During Workout   Every 15-20 minutes
After Workout   As soon as possible

When you sweat heavily for an extended period of time then you’re not only losing water only you are also losing significant amount of sodium.

We all know that during simmering summers is extremely hot, so it is obvious that you will be losing water/fluids from your body. Hence, you have to make sure that you’re fueling your body with right amount of water particularly in the long endurance activity that your body will not be able to perform effectively.

Drawbacks of not having water during exercise:

  • Why do you do exercise? To lose weight. Right! But what if our body is not hydrated. You need to know one thing that fat metabolism requires water. If you want to lose weight and giving your hundred percent in the gym but your body is not well hydrated then no matter how much you’re putting efforts to lose weight, you are not going to burn the fat.
  • When we perform high intensity workout, we build up heat in the muscles. So it’s our duty to maintain the temperature of the body to the normal temperature as it was before the workout. It is a fact that if your muscles get heated your body will lose water. So it is very important to well-hydrate yourself before workout also to sweat during the exercise.
  • In the absence of water, lactic acid generated due to anaerobic respiration in the muscles. It causes the chances of injuries like muscle cramps.
  • Lack of water makes blood become thicker and in this condition, body requires more force to circulate the blood flow throughout the body. Make sure your body is receiving the normal supply of the blood. This biggest disadvantage of this is that it can cause strain on the heart which is very dangerous.

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