Yatinder Singh's YouTube Channel: Stupendous 2 Million!

Not even a span of 2 years since its establishment, Yatinder Singh’s channel has already outgrown his own expectations with the kind of response it has got from the viewers and of course, his loyal followers. Read further to know about the story behind this success!

Yatinder Singh's YouTube Channel: Stupendous 2 Million!

If there is a word which describes the efforts of Yatinder Singh as an athlete, an influencer and a YouTube channel owner – the word is Up! Yes, that’s how it has been going since the day one. The thought and vision behind establishing a YouTube channel was to share his experience and his knowledge with the people which prove useful for them and bring them closer to their own respective fitness goals. The purpose was to inspire, inform and educate the budding athletes and trainers to bring out the best in them.

More often than not it is seen that the information on a platform like YouTube is in abundance and people get lost while making a difference between what stuff is authentic and what is not. Following yet another random video here is not a good idea unless it is coming from a known and established name in the fitness industry who has proved his worth time and again like Yatinder Singh.

Yatinder Singh’s own brand value played a major role in reaching the benchmark of 2 million subscribers on YouTube with the channel in his own brand name – Yatinder Singh. From March, 2019 to December 22, 2020, the channel has seen constant rise in the number of subscribers. His video are impeccably presented in a language which is understood by the masses, his oration is clear and composed and his presentation can give many a hosts in his league a run for their money.

A channel doesn’t grow just because of your own brand value, the content has to be extremely engaging, focused, should be able to hold the interest of the viewer until the end and the audience must have a takeaway from it after watching it – in the form of a lesson or message. All these attributes put together make the channel a huge hit among the masses at the YouTube.

Among the individually run fitness channel on the YouTube in India, Yatinder Singh’s channel runs variety, comes with a lot of ground research, easy to understand and always has a takeaway for the audience. Not only this, he has a loyal audience which keeps coming back to watch his new videos and waits for the next one.

After making a mark in the fitness industry, Yatinder Singh has touched yet another milestone. On being asked about his opinion, he says, “I wanted to relay good and authentic information in a way that people can benefit from it, especially, the beginners in the field of fitness. Everyone who is following a fitness routine and has a fitness goal, is struggling with one problem or the other and most of the times that struggle rises from not having the right information, not knowing how to do it. So, I thought, why not someone who they trust, someone who has been there and had and educative journey in this field himself reaches them out with his information. I still study and update myself regularly so that I am able to bring out different, most sought after and dependable informative content on my fitness channel.”

As he puts it, perseverance and patience in any field pay off in any field, it has worked for him here too. He just kept on rolling content with dedication and listened to what his audience wanted to know about carefully before doing so. Now, he has developed a bond with his audience and he thanked all of them for making him what he is today!

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