Yatinder Singh Raises Alarm to Save Gym Industry

Fitness industry is hitting an all-time low. Gyms are the soul of this industry because of which whole of the industry functions. Shutting down the nucleus of Fitness Industry can mean doom not only for the industry and its people but also further to the economy. Yatinder Singh explains the phenomena in his latest video.

Yatinder Singh Raises Alarm to Save Gym Industry

Recently, Yatinder Singh released a video on which carried a profound appeal to the government of India and all the state governments of India to open the gyms with immediate effect. He categorically explained how this gym industry supports several personnel and their families as well as forms the business basis for all the other major industries dependent on gym operations. All these sectors contribute massively to the Indian economy if not the gyms.

Gyms are not a sole entity, it doesn’t only support the family of its respective owners, but also the supporting staff, trainers and helpers. 3 months of continuous lockdown has turned them into a state of depression and some of them don’t even have anything to eat. They are on the mercy of fate now.

Yatinder Singh explained that, “It is not only about gyms only. A gym supports many other industries massively like fitness equipment, fitness and sports apparel as well as fitness supplements and nutrition industry. A huge revenue goes to the government because of these industries which are in shackles, not to mention all the personnel working over there are undergoing a period of stress as well. Hence, it is a chain reaction which can lead to dire result if the gyms do not open as soon as possible.

If gyms remain closed any further, then some of the existing gyms, as much as 50% of them may get shut down permanently. All the dependent industries hence, will suffer because of this. All the employees will wander in hunger and joblessness. This is a scary situation. This won’t only be the loss of a specific industry but also whole of the nation in terms of finance as well as in terms of physical and mental health.

The corona virus pandemic needs the people to have good immunity but here, everything is getting reversed as the people are jobless, full of stress and immunity hence, has gone for a toss. This is a passion driven industry. A gym owner might not earn so much to contribute substantially to the government but all the dependent industries do contribute a huge amount. Gyms help people stay in shape, free of stress and only a stress-free, strong citizen can make strong nation – today, it is time to remind ourselves of the Fit India movement launched by our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in the year 2019 with the same vision.

Yatinder stated that athletes who prepare whole year long exercising 4 times a day to do well in their sport and have the honor of representing the nation on international stages, are going through a depressing period too. What will happen to them? Their existence runs all the money minting businesses like fitness and sports expos and bodybuilding championships. If this sport gives up or becomes non-existent because of gyms being shut, all the event business in the industry shall come to end too.

Let us kill this period of anxiety and depression, while creating an awareness for fitness once again. Let us revive the gyms once again. Yatinder Singh appealed to the central and state government as face of the many gym owners and athletes in the industry, to open all the gyms with government guidelines. Anyone who wishes to run gym, will have to follow those guidelines. Once the government approves the opening of the gym, the industry shall start healing itself, people will slowly and gradually start taking up a routine too. Once gyms open, it is then gym members’ prerogative to start with the gym gradually or immediately but first and foremost, let the gyms be open for the betterment of the nation in every respect whether financially or mentally and physically.

We have to stand with each other and help wherever we can in this sensitive period. We all, hence, make an appeal to the people as well as central and state governments to open the gyms. When all the domestic flights can ply, when public transport can open, when malls and temples can open on guidelines then of course, gyms must open because they form the foundation of whole of fitness industry. Let’s lock hands to spread this message by sharing Yatinder Singh’s latest video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFDGfqsHeE8

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