World Bandminton Champion P V Sindhu: Result of Right Training!

Success and strength both don’t come easy and strength is important for bringing in success. PV Sindhu’s exemplary performance at Badminton World Championship, bagging India its first Gold, left every one speechless. Let’s have a look at her hard training schedule for bringing in this glory!

World Bandminton Champion P V Sindhu: Result of Right Training!

PV Sindhu created history and pushed India on top of the world by hitting Gold at Badminton World Championship in a dominating performance at Basel, Switzerland. Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara was defeated by her in just 37 minutes with an impressive score of 21-7, 21-7.

She was clearly on the attack mode right from the beginning and didn’t let her form faze at any point of time throughout the game. However, this was not her first face-off with Okuhara, they met inside the court before in 2017 championship and then, Japanese player won the 110 minutes long final, recorded the longest in the tournament’s history. In 2018, Sindhu again lost to Spain’s Carolina Marin. Still Sindhu’s undeterred continuous efforts for improving her performance, have brought her to this well-deserved victory in 2019. The whole nation has applauded her with pride.

If we observe closely, such a breakthrough success brings greater responsibilities and greater efforts with it. The ace shuttler of India now has to focus more on her form and fitness to be able to lift the same accolade in Tokyo Olympics next year. She also can’t assume that her main challengers won’t improve till then, they certainly will. The game and the challenge both will be going a notch up and hence, PV Sindhu has no time to settle. After proving her mettle this time, it has become all the more important for her to keep herself ready for a strong challenge with her fitness and game in place, without losing her great form.

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu was born on July 5, 1995 in Hyderabad. Both her parents were volley-ball players so playing across the net is in her blood. She started playing badminton when she was 8 and later trained with coach Pullela Gopichand, joined his academy. Her coach, however, seemed to know that she will write history with badminton racket in her hand. The medals and glory do not come cheap. PV Sindhu works real hard to train and achieve fitness level which helps her perform consistently.

PV Sindhu’s Training and Workout Schedule

PV Sindhu’s day starts at 3:30am and she works out for 6-8 hours a day! Her combination workouts for building endurance and strength includes 2 to 3 sets of 400m run per day and 2.5km run every alternate day. The unstoppable shuttler tops it up with 10km run every now and then.

She does 100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups and if we sum it up, it becomes astonishing 600 pushups and 2400 abs exercises in a week to steel plate her core and abdominal muscles! And of course, that is not the end of it because she teams this workout with Yoga, Pranayama, Kapalabhati and Swimming.

Her first lot of training starts at 4:30am and moves till 7am with her coach. It is a usual sight to find her coach and her in shuttling a thousand shots across the net in one single session.

She takes her breakfast break at 7am. Her next session starts again at 8am and continues for about 2 hours. Her game practice time follows at 12noon and is equivalent to real match.

Sindhu hits the gym in the evening for about 2 hours.

PV Sindhu’s Diet

She intakes a lot of water and believes in balancing carbs and proteins in her diet.

Her breakfast plate often has milk, eggs and fruits.

For lunch she takes some meat, rice and veggies.

Her sports kit during her training and workout sessions, always has a bowl of fruits, dried nuts and some juice.

Sindhu steers clear of carbs in the dinner and only has meat and vegetables.

While she is training for matches, she has a completely different diet chart which helps her increase her performance and agility. PV Sindhu sometimes enjoys one cheat day in month or two so that she doesn’t crave.

PV Sindhu has come here the tough way, very disciplined and focused way. Her talent combined with her dedicated hardwork is there for the world to see now. The above workout and diet schedule of Sindhu is just a regular day in her life, for a regular person, it is unimaginable the way she manages it like a pro during the matches when the going gets even tougher. We wish PV Sindhu to keep rising further as a star of world badminton as she has already started a new era for India. All the very best Golden Girl!

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