Workout Isn’t Some Work – It is Life!

With the onset of summers, why not sizzle with a fitter and healthier version of yourself? This article give a message to the women - how exercise can change the way you look, feel and perform in life.

Workout Isn’t Some Work – It is Life!

You’re not the only one who is reluctant to include exercises into your daily routine. We know most of the people give excuses like they don’t have time to hit the gym or incorporate exercises into their regime.

But these are only excuses! did a survey to find out the realistic reasons why women are not well-informed and aware of their health and fitness needs.

A survey among 40 women and asked them do they go to gym or workout at their home on a daily basis? Most of them were between ages 20 to 50 years of age.

Actually we tried to find out their views on fitness and healthy lifestyle. We found out the big difference that 80 per cent women were inactive, irregular and weren’t aware of the fitness trends. They think that including exercises into their daily workout is not possible and find it very difficult to commit themselves to do workout daily.

20 per cent women who were active and committed to their workout routine. They have shared that they feel good and confident to be fit and healthy. It gives them leisure pleasure.

We are here with some great tips for including exercises into your daily routine:

  1. Pick up the shoes and go outside! For burning calories prefer walking for short distances rather than choosing car or bike. Walking is a great exercise that is easy too. There are little-little changes that can lead you to a healthy and fitter lifestyle like instead of taking elevator, choose stairs.

  1. You just need to spare 15 minutes to perform some light cardio and weight training exercises every morning. This will help you in starting your day refreshingly. You will feel active and energetic whole day by just spending few minutes in performing exercises. 
  1. We know you love your work and chair but what about your posture? Don’t pick your phone to reply those messages in the lunch break at work. Try to do some stretching exercises. Stretching exercises not only help you in improving your posture but give you huge amount of flexibility. Find your own way to have a fit body. Small changes can give you big opportunities.

  1. Technology can also help you in adopting healthy lifestyle. Yes! It’s true there are various fitness apps and by using them you can get inspired and regulate your life in a better way. You can set your fitness goals, plans, diet, etc. on these apps. Fitness apps will also help you in checking up your health regularly.
  1. If you are not a fan of strength training or weight training sessions then you have various other options like swimming, dance classes, zumba classes, hiking, and any fun group activity. Recent days gyms are also providing different-different offers for women like Mother’s day is coming so various gyms, dance groups, etc. are giving lucrative offers. Grab the opportunities to make a difference.

Note: You can be fit with household activities also like gardening, cleaning, etc. these activities increase your blood circulation and concentration of mind. Family fun activities are the great way to be active and energetic like playing outdoor games with children on a daily basis.

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