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Workout for Abs: Transforming ordinary into extraordinary

Your will power knows no obstacle as you strive to strengthen your abs.

Workout for Abs: Transforming ordinary into extraordinary

Your abdominal muscles also known as abs are those core muscles which help you perform everyday activities. Your abs play pivotal role in stabilizing your pelvis and spine. While you strive to bend forward or sideward, they help your body to twist and stabilize. You can optimize your core muscles comprising of abs in almost everything you do. Strengthening your abs help you to build strength in other parts of your body. When your abs are strong,: you naturally tend to experience better balance along with good posture while performing hobbies you love by avoiding any kind of injury. If you are striving to strengthen your abs, here let’s decode the best workout for abs to tone and sculpt:-


To start with Plank, put your hands underneath your shoulders on the floor. Extend your legs about hip-width distance to engage your core encompassing your butt while you tuck your tailbone. Hold for a specific amount of time till you do not experience any kind of discomfort.


Lie on your back on the exercise mat. Place your hands behind your head so that you can squeeze shoulder blades together. As you exhale, activate your abs muscles while tilting your chin toward your chest. Continue activating until your torso curls toward thighs. Your shoulders must lift up as your lower back and tailbone remains on the mat. As you inhale, lower back down to the mat. 

Leg Lift

Lie on your exercise mat with your legs stretched out. Lift your legs toward your face as they hinge at the hips. Strive to form a 90-degree angle while keeping your legs together. Keep your back absolutely flat on the surface.

Bicycle Crunches

Lie on the mat with your legs creating 90 degrees angle along with knees as they align with your hips. Position your hands behind your head as you bend elbows pointed out to the sides. Activate your abdominal muscles to bring your shoulders off and up the floor. Bring your right elbow to the left knee as you straighten right leg while keeping the left leg in place. Return to the fundamental crunch position. Bring left elbow to right knee as you straighten your left leg while trying to keep right leg in place. Continue alternating sides for as many repetitions as indicated by a personal trainer.

The bottom line

Before initiating with any new workout routine including workout for abs, it is a remarkable idea to talk to your personal trainer. Working out your abs should not prove to be a painful experience. However, it is natural to feel slightly sore after the workout for abs but if the pain continues to persists, it is time to speak with the doctor. Also, it is recommended to always do a short warm-up like swinging your arms meant to activate the core. Before trying out any workout for abs, it is essential to understand the proper form of the workout by grasping the image, reading instructions and watching videos if possible. This way you can be sure shot of extracting the best benefits of workout for abs while avoiding any possible injury.

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