Women’s Day Ambassadors’ Bare Message

Did you know that biologically women have more endurance than men? Yes, there are many beliefs which are being broken and gender stereotypes being challenged by powerful women like them. Listen to what they have to say on women’s day!

Women’s Day is not a day to be celebrated only by women but by the whole world. Women are blessed with the life-giving power, they are blessed with greater physical endurance than men can hardly think of. Women are mentally stronger and their wish to balance everything in their life from family to their work-life is innate. Their multi-tasking abilities most of the times make their brains superior in performance. Today, an independent woman doesn’t mean a woman sans duty, it means a woman with responsibilities matched in place with her own happiness and fitness.

If you have a woman in house, she will be thinking about all the things in place in the house and even in your life and will then go to sleep, analyzing the day ahead loaded with tasks for tomorrow. However, tired of a hectic work, men might just doze off falling on bed! When it comes to memory recall men would just open the drawer of one segment of the brain and would take that memory out of many but women will open several connected drawers because of their multi-aspect balancing system in brain and then will take out that memory in a longer story. So the mental health of women is also at stake besides physical ones because of all the unorganized – all in one – all at once approach in their lives! A fit body hosts a fit mind, further stronger your mind, stronger your body. The equation begins and end like this for everyone and women are no different! has brought you messages from some of the strongest women who have fondly put forward why it is important for women to be physically fit and how their ill-health can actually affect the growth of their family and dreams. We have Ace Certified Personal Trainer and Master Rehab Trainer – Priya giving a heartfelt message on fitness and tips to do so for women while Rita Singh, IFBB Figure Pro and Judge at international federation of bodybuilding puts forward her experience with life into her message.

Poonam Duneja, founder of Nutrify, Nutritionist and Educator, former national level power lifter puts up a strong stance for women of today while Namita Bhoj, Indian Rugby player and a Physical Fitness Trainer tells from her experience the importance strong women. Deepika Chowdhury, IFBB Figure Pro and Molecular Biologist tells how being fit is not only about being physically fit but about striking a balance between mind and body, leading a happier life. Balreet Mann, Fitness Consultant and a very fit mother of a 5-year-old puts together all the necessary facts behind being fit and why it is important for women to be fitter, how it affects the overall growth and happiness of the whole family.

These beautiful and strong women represent different quarters of fitness sector and are ambassadors of women empowerment through fitness. Nothing empowers a woman more than her own good health, fit body and will-power. These attributes form the baseline for them to achieve just about anything they have dreamt of whether it is raising healthy and successful children or chairing the coveted corporate seat. It is time to unlock your hidden capabilities by unlocking your exercise gear and healthy food intake. And yes, that essential one hour for yourself will save you many hours of life lost in fatigue, weakness and illnesses because of which everyone associated with you suffer with you. The choice is always there to be happy and fit, take that lifestyle up now like these women did!

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