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Strong is Beautiful – Women’s Day Special

Girls, if you have been thinking that cosmetics made you beautiful then you have got it all wrong. Your strength makes you beautiful - mental and physical both. This video by Body and Strength is a tribute to all strong women who made this world a better place just by being themselves!

In the body of a woman lies the strength of the universe. She has the capacity to endure the harshest of life’s challenges whether giving birth to a new life or giving unflinching support to her friends and her family. She never backs off and extends a helping hand to women like her. She works and makes it work for others. Men and women were created equal counterparts and form the base of life on earth. The have together given the human race the power to create, invent, discover and rule with their intellect and hard work.

Unfortunately, women were subjected to patriarchal society in most part of the world and they almost accepted their subordination or existence as an object of control, the one who is not biologically strong enough though is able to support the entire society with her vision and mental prowess. The notions have been broken by some great women in the society and their awe-inspiring feats in the world. Still, women themselves trap themselves inside the swamp of being the ‘weaker sex’. Really? Look at the women in the video and decide for yourself, from what angle do they seem weak to you. If they can look after themselves and train themselves to gain more strength, others who need to get stronger can do so too. It is not only about making your body stronger, it is also about making your mind independent of the opinions of the world. In fact, mind comes first!

A man also needs to train himself to build that strength, it is not that every boy or a girl is born strong. They become strong with challenges they take on in life and how they train themselves physically and mentally to win over them. Hence, nothing should make women think and chain themselves into the grip of forced so called ‘weakness’. Weakness is not in body, it is in the belief that you are weak. The video shows women from early twenties to fifties who are training hard and look amazingly beautiful! So,it is never too late to start. It is never too late to prepare your mind for a better and fit life. It is not just about losing weight, fat-loss or gaining muscles. It is about feeling the strength within and using it to lead a beautiful life.

A fit woman in the family means that she can play with children, look after the household with equal stamina as at work and will be confident of herself in every part she chooses to play in life. These women have broken the social barriers and have risen over judgements, they are inspiring people with their strength and motivating them to pave another path because every girl has a different struggle to win over. Video features Navreet Josan, Annabel D’Silva, Rutuja Hegshetye, Rita Singh and Hannah Sim; but denotes all the strong women across the world. Body and Strength salutes all of them and wishes all of you a very Happy Women’s Day through this video.

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