With Almost All Gyms Closed, World goes Digital!

2/3rd of the world’s gyms have closed owing to the continuous fight with corona virus pandemic. Read this news piece to know how the fitness industry people are coping with it.

With Almost All Gyms Closed, World goes Digital!

Battle with COVID-19 has made the world stop and most of the public places are locked down for the time period. Until and unless whole situation comes under control, it seems difficult in the coming future to presume that all places will open and function as a regular in the market. 64% of the world’s health and fitness clubs are closed either by voluntarily or by decree.

This means about 230 million members of these clubs have no access to their respective places of exercise.According to the figures given by global fitness data platform fitNdata, approximately 2/3rds of the world’s gyms are closed at the moment and the numbers might be increasing. The health clubs started to shut down temporarily across the world in the month of March 2020 and fitNdata began monitoring the effects of the pandemic of the fitness industry henceforth. It was launched by David Milton in March 2020.

Looking at the circumstances, the internet has changed its strategy towards viewership altogether and all of a sudden everything is being created, keeping in mind that all the people are ‘at home’ from workouts to nutrition – almost everything. Our lives are revolving around the status of corona cases in our country. This is indeed a serious situation. The point of writing this article is not only to discuss figures but to let you know how innovatively people all over the world are not giving up in this situation have come out with ideas to keep the business going and sustaining till the time, gyms open again.

It is evident that trainers and fitness professionals are worried about their future. But this time can be best utilized for increasing their professional skill sets and enhance their knowledge so that they are ready again when the lockdown lifts up and Corona induced period passes. Apart from that fitness professionals can sort to online classes and webinars to stay connected with their clients and keep guiding them for their fitness throughout this period.

Digital media platforms are serving as an instrumental tool to be in the news and increase your visibility these days as most of the people are taking notice of you sitting at home these days. It is rather a good opportunity for the fitness brands to create a reckoning presence through these platforms and stay in the news.

We might get slowed down in external action but of course, this is not the time to get demotivated. All the digital presence of the fraternity in different forms together can innovate new ways to be in the business in terms of maximum visibility, time for learning the new and innovating ways to digitally connect and engage with the potential clients and customers.

A number of qualified fitness professionals are holding webinars, digital workshops and online courses for the others in the community. They are even offering certifications. There are many fitness and sports people who are doing digital meetings to connect with the masses on live chat. Even many of the brands who were struggling for a visibility have come out with wonderful graphic and ‘at home’ creatives to be flashed digitally for the people to see and register their brand. Brands are now tying up with the digital media for using its expertise and maximizing their chances of entering the market with the same foothold once the corona virus wave recedes back and life becomes normal in the world.

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