Why We Should Avoid Fruits During Lunch/Dinner And Post Sunset

Do you know that eating fruits can have negative impact on one’s health if will not take care of the proper timing of eating fruits. No need to wonder through this article Dietitian Ashoo Arya will guide you by revealing surprising facts.

Why We Should Avoid Fruits During Lunch/Dinner And Post Sunset

We all know the benefits of having fruits but don’t know the right way of consuming the fruits. Did you know the right time by which you can get out of benefits of eating fruits?

Avoid having fruits during the major meals (Lunch/Dinner). Fruits are a source of sugar/energy. We mostly take carbohydrates during our lunch and dinner in the form of chapatti/veggies/rice etc.

These carbs are ultimately converted into sugar in the body, which is utilized for energy purpose. If we consume fruits as well, the excess sugar from fruits has higher chances of going into fat storage. Thus, it's best to avoid them during lunch/dinner.

Here's the reason why we have to avoid fruits post sunset-

  • Our activity levels tend to drop as the day ends.Fruits are a natural source of sugar. We need this sugar during the day when our activity levels are high, and this sugar gets utilized. After 6 or 7 pm, we have dinner already lined up plus we go low on activities, thus the extra sugar from fruits have high chances of going into fat storage.

Drawbacks of Eating Fruits at Night

  • Fruits gives you great energy level so it can disturb your sleep
  • As fruits are rich in fibre and sugar and it will spike your blood sugar immediately
  • If you will consume too much fruits then your body will not get a right amount of nutrition it will lead to a deficiency of other nutrients in your body

Fruits are always a good snacking option in the mid-morning or during the teatime. You can eat fruits between your meals and on empty stomach it is the time when your system can digest properly.

Some people eat fruits after dinner as a dessert but nutritionists don’t recommend it because it’s not an ideal according to a diet.

Eating fruits before and after workout is also a best time. It will provide you the tremendous amount of energy to perform high intensity workout and to recover after workout.

If you want to lose weight with minimum efforts then fruits are great option. The best thing of eating the fruits is that it helps in improving the passage of food as fruits are rich in fibre. They are rich in fibre and low in calories.

In order to get maximum nutrition we consume fruits but we should know the appropriate time of eating the fruits. Inappropriate time and improper time cannot help give nutrition and energy.

This is why we should make a point in eating the fruits with the proper guideline.

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