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Why Warm ups before Running is a Must

Running is the most known and easiest way of exercise. Everybody likes to go for running instead of doing exercise at home. This article stresses on why warm up before running is important.

Why Warm ups before Running is a Must

Running is what you get to know about since your childhood. Since you have started walking, your parents must have told you about what is the meaning of running. It has become very familiar that you’ve started neglecting the right process of running. You all have normalized that running is just a simple thing, but you need to know that there is a proper way and process of running. Only the right way could help you in getting benefit from it. The wrong method can cause you serious injury too.

Why you need to warm up

It is tempting to skip warm ups and directly start with running. It saves you time to sleep 5 extra minutes after your clock rings. But to save just 5 minutes you are actually gambling with the wellbeing of your body. If you don’t do the pre- running warm up then it increases the risk of injury. You are more likely to get injured while running if you did not follow the right regime. The question here arises is that why this warm up session is required, to answer that you need to first understand that a machine cannot start to work smoothly in first try if it is on rest mode for few hours, this is exactly what happens with the human body. Your body is in the rest position when you woke up early in the morning, so before started running you need to make your muscles ready for the extreme exercise of running. So that it will not strain your muscles. That is why you do the warm up session.

Warm ups decreases the chances of injury

When you do warm up before your running then it helps your muscles to get use to the stress and the flow of your blood increases with the increase in your heart rate. All these are basics which should be taken care before starting your usual running. Proper warm up session increases your body temperature as well and it improves the muscle performance. And it also refrains your muscles from any sudden strain.

How you can warm up

Your warm up session should be of 10 – 15 minutes at maximum. Before going for running, you should do stretches/dynamic stretches. You all must have done PT in your school days. In simple ways all the warm up exercises are the exercises you used to do in your assembly. For example – Leg swings, high kicks, walking lunges, Butt kicks, arm circles, squats, jumping jacks, etc. These are few of the exercises which can easily performed by watching videos. And it will give your body necessary energy you need for reaping benefits of a healthy running.

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