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Why It is Important to Measure your Blood Pressure? – By Puneet Sharma

Blood Pressure is often ignored when you are on a fitness trip and perhaps, not at all on your mind! Puneet Sharma pens down the points about BP you must not miss to educate yourself on this vital aspect.

Why It is Important to Measure your Blood Pressure? – By Puneet Sharma

68% of all mortality attributed to high blood pressure (BP) occurs with systolic (BP) B/w 120-140 mm of hg and diastolic BP below90m of hg.

If you ask a daily gym goer or a random person from a general population about Blood pressure usually people say that120/80 is a normal or healthy range of blood pressure but is it a FACT?

Well, the new gold standard is 115/75 mm of hg

120/80 is now labelled as pre-hypertensive

130-139 is now labelled as Stage-1 hypertensive

140-149 is now labelled as Stage-2 hypertensive

Studies show that higher the blood pressure of the individual greater is the risk of likely hood of having a cardiac risk. It is advised to control the hyper-tension in younger population rather than taking care of your child at a later stage.

This is the foundation form where you should take your personal goal to the next level. Just like a house need a stronger foundation your body needs to run on a stronger foundation.

The first step is - you need your client’s BP in a gold standard normal range.

Improve the following of the individual:

  1. Metabolic fitness goes down as BP goes up
  2. Aerobic fitness goes down as BP goes up
  3. Nutrition Partitioning hampers
  4. Check the sodium – potassium balance
  5. Get out of the BEAST-MODE rhythm and give your system a relief and chance for body to reduce its stress
  6. Get a massage, float tank therapy, long walks
  7. Take time from off from heavy lifting and HIIT workout
  8. Add some Structural programming in place to fix your structural imbalance
  9. Identify your stressor and destressor and work on fixing them

Reduction of systolic BP of 5 mm of hg correlates with a 7% reduction in CV mortality

Doing the small work for 3-4weeks can massively impact your

  1. Gains
  2. Strength
  3. Reduce risk of metabolic disease down the road

What if you have low BP?

It is a very common aspect for people who starve themselves for long time and do a lot of cardio, especially for women. It is a very common situation for those

Let them do heavy strength training with proper form.

Always remember take your matrix and measurements in order to track your progress.

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