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Why Are Your Back Muscles Not Growing Wider?

Today let’s take a look at reasons why your back isn’t as thick and wide as you want it to be

Why Are Your Back Muscles Not Growing Wider?

Take a look at most people around you, chances are that most of the people you will see will be out of shape and that’s the truth. Then there’s that little percentage of people who train and lift weights and most of them all look the same. Most people who train have overdeveloped chest muscles, big arms but terrible back development. Rarely can you see anybody with a back that’s worth giving a second look? The back is one comprised of so many muscle groups and it makes a huge difference in how you look.

Today let’s take a look at some reasons why your back isn’t as thick and wide as you want it to be. You see, some people have wide backs but when you look at them from the side it looks like a piece of paper. While others have very thick backs but they lack width. For a complete back, you have to have the thickness and the width so you look good from all angles. Of course, a big strong back could help you tremendously in sports. Let’s take a look at why is your back isn’t growing.

Is Our Back Working Properly?

Feeling your back working legitimately isn’t a straightforward easy task at first but it’s not rocket science either but it’s reaching to take a lot of practice. In case you need to feel a better compression, then you must learn how to curve your back appropriately.

If you don’t know how to curve your back, then you will have a difficult time getting your back to contract since your setup will be off. One of the ways to educate people to curve their back is to keep their chest up when they contract the muscle.

You’ve To Train Your Back Hard Enough

This tip is clear, but it’s common sense. If you're are doing dumbbell lines with 50lb this year, at that point, you had way better be at the slightest 60lb inside the next few months. If you’re not progressing, there's no reason for your body to grow. To constrain development into a certain muscle, you've got to create it adapt to a certain training effect. If you continuously do the same thing, then you're fundamentally instructing your body how to maintain.

You’re Trying To Do Too Much Workout At Once

As a natural lifter, you can’t significantly bring up each muscle group at once. If you have too many goals, then it gets harder to keep track of progress since there's too much to focus on. If you are serious about getting a thicker and wider back, then make that your objective for a couple of months.

You’re Not Prioritising Back Exercises

Don’t anticipate getting a huge back if you're just doing it in the middle of the week. Do the critical things first so you'll be able put your energy in the suitable places, this is also known as the priority principle.

You’re Not Doing Any Deadlift Variations

The deadlift variation you do isn’t super important, but the important thing is that you pick one and you go heavy. You don’t do conventional deadlifts because they will take too much of you. You don’t feel them in one particular place. You must do rack pulls because you could focus on my upper back and RDL’s will give you a chance to focus on your hamstrings. If you are trying to get a big back in a hurry, then it’s suggested that you pick rack pulls. Rack pulls take the legs out of the movement so you get to hammer your back.

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