Wheat Bran Wonders

Wheat bran offers you a great range of nutritional benefits which can help you in achieving healthy lifestyle.

Wheat Bran Wonders

Wheat Bran Wonders

Wheat bran is a dietary fiber that's sold as an ingredient in grocery stores and drugstores. It's in bran muffins, bran bread and bran cereals. The outer layer of the cereals is called bran. Wheat bran is beneficial to the body by aiding in digestion, lowering the risk for diabetes and aiding in weight loss. Adding wheat bran to your daily diet is a beneficial way to keep your body in check when you balance it with other healthy foods, such as lean proteins and fresh fruit and vegetables. Wheat bran has numerous nutritional facts and it is available in different forms like bran flakes, bran muffins and bran cereals. In starting you should eat small quantities of bran and then gradually increase the amount because too much fiber in the diet may lead to the diarrhea.


Wheat bran may lower the risk of specific disorders related to digestion--including irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids and diverticular disease. Wheat bran also reduces constipation and helps the digestive system stay regular. This is because wheat bran adds bulk to stool in the intestine, softens it and allows it to pass through the body more easily. Wheat bran may also help solidify more watery stool by adding bulk to it and allowing it to pass less painfully. Although wheat bran is one form of fiber, there are other dietary fibers that can be consumed to increase the benefits of wheat bran, including oat bran, nuts and whole-wheat flour. Alternate these brans to get the healthiest digestive benefits.


Wheat bran may help regulate blood sugar. This may prevent Type 2 diabetes later in life. Fiber in wheat bran can create stable blood sugar levels that may improve blood sugar in diabetic patients as wheat bran can create stable blood sugar levels in the body.

Weight Loss

Wheat bran aids in rounding out a meal and creating a filling base. Adding a homemade wheat bran muffin to breakfast or lunch, for example, can make a meal last longer and feel like more food in your stomach. This way, you can eat a healthy meal of fruit, vegetables, lean protein and bran without feeling hungry afterward. Because wheat bran takes a long time to chew, your food will take longer to eat. This may prevent overeating because the body will send signals that it's full before the meal has even been completed. Instead of wolfing down your food, the wheat bran will help your body recognize when it is full.

Heart Disease

Wheat bran reduces the risk of death from the heart diseases like heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. Diabetic people have more chances of heart diseases than other people. So, diabetic people should include the wheat bran in their diet. Intake of fat only in your diet is not enough because carbohydrate is equally important mainly it’s dietary fiber content.

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