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What You See is Not What You Get! – by Mrinalini Agarwal

It has been time, we get so absorbed by social media glamour and start almost killing ourselves to look like those fabulous bodies posted there. It is true that they did that and it is hard earned but it is also true that what worked for them might not at all work for you. If you are one of them trying hard, this article is the eye-opener for you.

What You See is Not What You Get! – by Mrinalini Agarwal

Social Media, we know everything, and we can know anything through social media. It is a platform through which one can become famous in just one night or minimum a few hours. While we are busy looking at an amazing body of a person online wishing we could be like that and yet we fail to understand what might have worked for this particular person couldn’t have worked for you. Even if you tried, there must be something that had lacked to make you exactly like the person you follow.

Who are these people? Why and where did their transition start from? Are they even qualified to give you a certain kind of diet plan or a workout plan? Did they do their studies right? People who are demonstrating their changes and their pictures without being a certified person is just a trend now a days. What we as human need to understand is we can’t just follow a line blindly; we need to know and figure out where we are investing and where we can find a change for us.

Bodybuilding is one thing and personal training is another, yes there can be bodybuilding coaches who are qualified with several certifications to guide you and help you through your needs of body changes and achieving a fit body goal, but what we need to keep in mind is to not unknowingly follow a ritual made by an xyz person who changed his/her body with minimal knowledge and gave you things to follow, he or she is not certified to know your body, you might have certain health issues in which you are to avoid a lot of things but the person you blindly follow may not know how to lead you to a better transformation without disturbing your health condition.

But let’s talk about these people and let’s talk about how you can know what is good for you or not. Let’s start with social media first, As I mentioned earlier you can know anything through social media, people figure out what supplements and substances their idols are taking and they follow the same regime and that being followed with a good body they start looking out for competitions, for sponsors and when they fail in doing so they start selling their copied knowledge online and charge people for it. Now you tell me? Is it going to work for you? What if you have diabetes, what if you have hypertension? What if you have PCOD? What if you have any health issues that they fail to ask you about and give you a routine to follow while charging you heavy? Will it ever work for you? What we want as fitness professionals is to make people better, to let them know that without taking up the trouble of asking thousands of people for their advice just because they have a good body, you can be healthy and happy without blindly following someone who just did a few things with supplements and substances.

There are people who spend money on their certifications to become qualified and help you achieve their goals are investing a lot in themselves for a better you. So next time when you follow someone’s routine blindly on social media, when someone asks you to pay for a so called tailored diet plan, ask them where they have done their certifications and you will eventually know what to do next.

After certifications, there is one more thing that matters and that is their experience with successfully transforming or assisting different kinds of people with different kinds of health conditions. Once you get to know your trainer in terms of his or her knowledge or experience, you know that you are in safe hands. After all health and fitness is no game, it rules the outcome of our very lives!

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