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What Should Athletes Do to Get Sponsored?

Athletes are most of the time spending money on competitions, their training and nutrition. The only earning source after bagging a few titles is to get sponsored. How a winning association can be established between influencers/athletes and brands? Mrinalini answers this question in this article.

What Should Athletes Do to Get Sponsored?

Social media plays such a big role in our lives these days, from a time to figuring out something has happened in the world through TV to now finding out anything on social media has become the latest thing. As athlete’s social media can play a big role in your life, you can achieve your dreams through social media too, whether you have played national or on international level you need to let the social media know who you are and where you come from then only you will be able to highlight yourself.

A lot of athletes have potential and reason to be sponsored to let their name shine with their nation. But where do these athletes lack? What wrong are they doing to not to be noticed? First and the most important reason is they are denying the use of social media, social media can play a big role in your success and sponsorships. If only you will upload your stories, success, hard work on social media these sponsors will notice you without a blink. For someone who has competed on national and international level, there is nothing prouder than being sponsored by a certain brand. These athletes are real time heroes and they need to be heard, they need to be seen, because they have trained for a particular game their whole life, they give in their dedication and time to their sports.

What these brands look in an athletes to sponsor? That is the most important question that pops up in the mind, right?


How good will you be? Think long-term! Age group success, potential of achieving certain level of goals, National Level Games/Olympic Games/World Championship potential, Goals achieved to date, Achievable goals.

Your Sport

Every sport offers different benefits and characteristics. different sports often attract different companies. Some sports appeal more to the youth market, some to a more mature audience. Some have limited international appeal others have a huge global following. Some attract significant levels of television coverage, some struggle to get any kind of coverage on terrestrial TV, think about where they fit?

Now let’s talk about what athletes can do or how they can approach the sponsors?

1. Competitions

Give your sponsor an idea of when, where and at what level you will be competing. Some sports have regular competitions at regional and county level yet few at international level. Others provide regular opportunities for competition on an international stage. Where will you be competing? Internationally or nationally. When? Show a schedule. Is it a global sport played worldwide?  International interest or national interest. What kind of a media will be following the events? As we talk about social media, you can convey all these through social media, uploading and describing about the opportunities will surely catch an eye of a sponsor.

2. Unique Selling Points

This is any area that is specific to you as an individual and could potentially offer a sponsor something special, differentiating you from other sponsorships. For example; Personality - list any media exposure or work you have done in the past. Success through adversity -any human-interest stories that might appeal to a sponsor, talk about the achievements you have, for example, youngest ever to achieve, to be selected for the national level sports or to represent something on national or international level in school or during your schooldays or college days. Why are you different? This is a very important point for you to present in front of your sponsors. What is your story?

3. Communication

Even if you are scoring well on all the above mentioned points but you are unable to project the brand in front of the public with its USPs and unable to take public attention to the brand instead of only yourself in that particular post, you will lose the scope to get sponsored by other brands in future. Also, it is important to keep the terms and conditions of association with your sponsoring brand to yourself. If you speak ill of any one brand then you are ruining your image in front of other brands and other brands will never take a person who cannot be trusted for privacy and integrity of association, also, if any conflict arises, they will run a risk of being projected in bad light by you. This is something all influencers should be cautious of. Promoting a brand is work, only lending your name will not help them in branding themselves. If you are able to deliver that work, you will be the sought after influencer/athlete for the all the brands in the market and they will put you first in the list, even willing to pay you according to your industry worth.

Whatever it is that is mentioned in this article you need to follow it on social media, you know so many names that have been famous in just few hours because they showcase their talent and achievement on social media, we have billions of people on social media out of which even if 100 see your post they will know who you are and what you have achieved, it will ultimately be shared and heard. Social media is an amazing platform, use it, make it your success chapter and live the life through it while inspiring many.

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