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What are the Bodyweight Workouts for building Big Muscles?

When it comes to building a huge one-rep max on the bench, deadlift, and squat, you can’t escape the barbell. With the minimum amount of stationary equipment, you can train your whole physique

What are the Bodyweight Workouts for building Big Muscles?

With the minimum amount of stationary equipment—a pullup bar and plunging bars or no equipment at all, you can train your whole physique. So, when you can’t get to a gym or it’s closed down due to the present pandemic situation you've got no excuse for not squeezing in a workout.

In order to build the ultimate bodyweight workout routine, we threw light on a freebie bodyweight chest and back workout to help you along.

Basics of Bodyweight Workout

  • Bodyweight workouts can be done almost anywhere.
  • Because choices are limited, you may need to focus on a single exercise for eight or more sets.
  • The easiest way to use virtually all your bodyweight as resistance is to pull or push while suspended, as with a pullup or dip.
  • Change hand or foot placements.

Bodyweight Training Tip Sheet

  • When you can do 15 reps of a bodyweight exercise, increase the difficulty by reducing rest.
  • Use a training partner to add or reduce resistance.
  • Boost intensity by doing supersets, trisets, or giant sets.
  • Legs exercises usually require high reps and maximum ranges of motion.


Go underhand on pullups or inverted rows and set the bar higher so you’re more upright and you’ll work the biceps more and your back less. You can also moreover shorten your range of motion to keep the tension on your biceps.


Remain upright on your plunges and do your pushups with contract hand placement to focus more on your triceps and less on your pecs. You can also do bench plunges together with your hands slightly behind you and your legs straight out before you or lifted on another bench.


Plunges focus on your lower pecs (be sure to lean into each rep to take pressure off the triceps), whereas a standard pushup is the bodyweight version of a barbell bench press. But there are several variations you'll perform. Raise your legs on a bench to target your upper chest; place your hands on a bench for your lower pecs; and do them with a close grip for more triceps and inner-chest activation.


Like your chest, the back is a straightforward body part to hit without weights thanks to the powerful pullup. Pullups are awesome since they can be performed with a variety of grips -wide, moderate, close, overhand, and underhand. In case you’re not strong enough to urge more than a few, then you can use a band or an assisted pullup machine to help you bang out more reps. Then again, if you’re a pull-up deity who can rep out more than 15, you can hang weight from a dip belt or close your feet around a dumbbell to make them harder.


In spite of the fact that’s extremely difficult to do, the handstand pushup is a suitable substitute for the barbell military press. Face away from a wall, with your heels against the wall. Get into an extended handstand position and after that press yourself up and down. A regression of this is to prop your feet onto a bench in a pushup position and after that walk your hands in so your body is making an L shape. From there, press yourself up and down.

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