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What Are The Benefits of Group Workouts?

Calling a friend to join you in the gym has to offer many benefits. Exercising with a group reduces the level of stress and improves quality of life.

What Are The Benefits of Group Workouts?

Working out with friends is much better than exercising alone, according to experts. It positively impacts the physical and mental well-being of a person knowing there is someone to journey with. That is true when going to the gym, it can be very challenging and sometimes it makes you feel unmotivated getting fit alone.

A study shows that individuals who exercise alone may double their effort in order to attain a toner and good-looking body. However, this may result in burnout and increases stress levels which is not best for the fitness journey.

How does it work?

Calling a friend to join you in the gym has to offer many benefits. According to researchers, exercising with a group reduces the level of stress. The support coming from your colleagues and friends can make you feel better, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A group of medical students that consists of 69 individuals is recruited by the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine to join a group workout. These people are highly experiencing stress at that moment and they believed an exercise program would help.

The program will last for 12 weeks, and they can choose between individual or group settings. It excludes walking and biking for the reason of improving their quality of life.

The students will assess their progress every four weeks through a survey form. They will rate their physical, mental, and emotional condition to monitor progress.

#1: Group Workout

For those participating in a group workout, there will be at least 30-minutes of core and functional fitness training. These aim to improve monthly results in three life measures, such as physical, mental, and emotional health. It also reduces the level of stress of each student as the training goes on and on.

#2: Individual Workout

Individual fitness training is more personal that participants can select the exercise routine they prefer. It is made up of running, weightlifting, and many more activities to boost your physical and overall health. It allows up to two persons to work out together or you can choose to do it alone.

Working out alone requires twice the effort to see significant changes, however, it does not guarantee better mental health. On the other hand, a group workout does not promote a less stressful fitness journey on an average number of trainers according to studies.

List of Benefits When Exercising With Friends

It is clear to say that exercising with individuals that have the same fitness goal as yours is more effective than being alone. How is it?

#1. It lowers the stress

Exercising alone can be stressful and makes a person less accountable for their progress. Some individuals are not into working out alone but prefer exercising in a group for this reason. To do something difficult, as most workout routines are, would be easier with friends. Researchers even found a decrease in stress for individuals exercising together.

#2. It improves the quality of life

Improvements in someone’s lifestyle can be seen quickly when working out with a group. It involves physical, emotional, and mental advancements. Having a new and healthier lifestyle is a lot easier with a friend.

#3. Increase competition

To feel motivated could be hard when exercising alone. Working out with someone will push you to move toward your fitness goal, for a good reason. It is so-called social support that can boost someone’s competitiveness to exercise further for the better. It is human nature to work better when competing.

#4 Helps you enjoy the training journey

Fitness training is not fun until you hit the gym with friends. It is easier to build a habit when you are having fun of what you do, same as while working out. It works by sharing fitness goals and helping each other to achieve them. The feeling of exhaustion shall be reduced when exercising with people you love.

#5. Cut off costs

Solo gym-goers may spend more money than those who have a workout partner. Hiring a personal trainer, for example, can be expensive when paying it all by yourself. Taking a partner to exercise with is also splitting the bills while both get the same benefits.

#6. Promotes accountability

Skipping workouts often take place when going solo, as no one is watching. Thus, working out with a friend will make you think before quitting. One of the advantages of a group workout is it helps someone be more responsible in following a routine. Exercise partners should be looking for each other’s progress and try to encourage one another.

There will be someone who will look after you when lifting some weights, and in case of painful mistakes, you can easily count on your partner.

Additionally, having a workout partner will permit a wider range of motion than working out solo. Some moves need the help of another person, such as wall sits, crunches, planks, and lunges.

Having a partner is also beneficial during cheat days. You will not be tempted to overdo sugar cravings just to waste your hard work.

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