What Are Some Best HIIT Workouts For Strong Cardio?

If you want to rapidly shed weight, HIIT cardio workouts can be of greatest help. Check out these cardio workouts to burn fat in a short period.

What Are Some Best HIIT Workouts For Strong Cardio?

High-Intensity Interval Training, popularly known as HIIT is a cardiovascular workout that's performed at high intensity for a brief term. These are intense exercises to be done before a small break. These cardio workouts are a perfect way to burn fat in a short period.


For the following workout, we recommend you perform each exercise for 40 seconds as hard and quick and as intensely as possible, making sure the form is strong and after that rest for 20 seconds. Repeat this four times for each exercise and you’ll have to complete four minutes of that workout. Then move on to another.

This schedule should take you around 30 minutes to complete, so is extraordinary for those time-strapped people who want to squeeze a speedy and effective session in at lunchtime or after work.

1. Jumping Jacks

After a speedy energetic warm-up to stretch out your muscles (running on the spot or butt-kickers work well), start off with jumping jacks, keeping the knees somewhat bowed and putting the full range of motion into each movement of the arms and legs. If you like, you'll be able to include a few light dumbbells in the jacks for added pain.

2. Tuck Jump

For this straightforward move, you’re going to get into a jumping position with arms out straight before you. Your aim is to jumphigh enough to permit your knees to hit the palms of your hands. Jump in an explosive manner to keep the intensity high and attempt to keep the time between jumps as brief as possible. It is best to land on the balls of your feet and explodeback up once more for maximum impact.

3. Step-ups

Most gyms will have aerobics-style steps or delicate plyo boxes you can use for this - the latter is basically a giant cube shape that you just step or jump onto. They come in several sizes or can be positioned to offer different platform heights, so you'll be able to choose the intensity of the jump.

A step or a plyo box is an affordable but useful piece of kit that you might want to invest in for home use, or you could improvise with your stairs, a sturdy chair, or even your bed. Start by standing straight with the step or box in front of you and step up using your right foot and back down on the same right foot. Repeat this, but let the left foot lead next time, swapping each time.

Keep the intensity high for this move and ensure you are squeezing as many steps as possible into the 40 seconds without letting the form drop. 

4. Burpees

These are a killer but gets the heart rate soaring. To perform a suitable burpee, start from standing and after that squat down so the palms of your hands are on the floor and your knees are tucked into your chest. Kick the legs back in an explosive fashion until you’re in a push-up position, then pull the legs back in towards the hands and jump as high as you can with arms raised.

You could also add in some heavyweights (hexagonal dumbbells are best, as they don't roll) or special push-up bars here for when you get to the push-up position. Keep them on the floor (making sure not to trip over them) and use them for the push-up segment of the burpee to add an extra level of intensity.

5. Mountain Climbers

Start with the plank position, resting on your palms and toes with elbows tucked near to your body. Bring your right knee near as you'll towards your chest and return it to the starting position. Do the same together with your left knee, then up the pace as soon as you get in the rhythm. You can make this even harder by including ankle weights.

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