Weightlifting: All You Need To Know About Snatch and Jerk

The snatch and the clean jerk aren’t bodybuilding lifts. These lifts are very difficult lifts so before attempting weighlifting, try these progression lifts.

In the recent phase, there has been a reemergence in the popularity of the Olympic lifts: Snatch and Clean/Jerk

Snatch and Clean/Jerk are the two Olympic lifts and also a part of Olympic weightlifting competition (not to be confused with powerlifting which includes squats, bench press, deadlift).

Despite the rising popularity, there is still a lot of confusion surrounding between the two. The goal of this article is to explain you about complexity of these two lifts in a simple manner. 


Snatch and Clean/Jerk are amazing lifts engages nearly all of your muscles and activates your fast twitch muscle fibers. Thus, makes you stronger and faster.

  • Snatch begins with wider grip using hook grip(considered to be a strong grip). In snatch, body is getting under the barbellby hitting hard and dropping fast and catches the barbell with extended arms. So the distance cover by the barbell vertically in snatch is more than clean. Movement is lower body dominant and takes place in phase.
  • Clean begins with narrower grip using hook grip. In clean, Body is getting under the barbell by hitting hard and dropping fast and catches the barbell in the front rack position (On clavicle).  After recovery, athlete throws the barbell over the head with jerk by driving the force from the legs. Movement is lower body dominant and takes place in two phases.


The benefits of the Olympic lifts have remained in the shadow since long and widely being used by athletes to improve their performance.

  • Both the Olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean/Jerk) helps you to improve speed and explosiveness. Thus, enhances athletic performances.
  • Teaches our body how to work as a single unit (Usage of full body).
  • Also teaches, how to lift the weight from the ground above the head in efficient manner.
  • Helps in strength gains as well as fat loss (If the nutrition required by the body is provided as per goal)

Power snatch, Hang snatch, Power clean, Hang clean and many more are often used by the athletes to get better in these two lifts.

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