Weight Loss Demystified by Sunita Sharma

There are people who have tried hard and intermittently pulled themselves together to lose weight. Need not get demotivated, this article has all tips to ease out your weight-loss journey.

Weight Loss Demystified by Sunita Sharma

Weight loss has always been a hot topic of discussion anywhere and everywhere. With the increasing sedentary lifestyle,easy access to gadgets that make us move less and enticing junk food all around us has been the major cause to people being overweight and obese. This has led to an increase in lifestyle related diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases. Heart health has gone for a toss as people have stopped moving their bodies. However the matter of the fact is - “our bodies are designed to move”. It’s quite sad that people don’t realise the dangers of leading a sedentary lifestyle with an excess weight on their bodies.

As a fitness professional, I always feel that it’s my responsibility and duty to create awareness on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and teach weight management tricks. So I am going to give you all tips on how to lose that excess unwanted weight by following these steps:

1. Eat less move more

When I say eat less, I don’t mean that you starve yourself. However in order to lose weight one has to be in a calorie deficit mode. This purely means you eat less than you burn. Sounds easy right? It may be a challenge in the beginning but trust me once you start seeing results you will get addicted to it. It can be as simple as portion control in your meals and walking an extra mile, eating one roti less and taking stairs instead of an elevator. A steady state cardio performed 3 times a week for 30-60mins is an excellent idea to include in your routine since your body uses fat as fuel when you maintain a certain pace for a longer period of time. Adding HIIT (High intensity interval trainers) is another form of workout that can help you lose fat through its EPOC (Excess post exercise oxygen consumption) effect that it creates post exercise.

2. Shoo that Junk away

Junk food has very less to no space in your weight loss journey. I know perhaps it sounds harsh however let’s get this straight from day one that “Junk Food” is a total NO, NO. Cravings for burgers and pizzas can be fulfilled through some home-made stuff too. Just a matter of giving it a try. And even if that doesn’t work....have a cheat meal.....but not a cheat day. Have a slice of pizza rather than the whole pizza in order to satiate your taste buds. The whole idea is to maintain the calorie deficit that we created to lose weight.

3. Protein can be your best friend

Indian diet as a whole generally is a high carb diet. And what lacks in our diet is enough protein to build and retain muscle mass. This change is inevitable if you want to sustainable results. Weight loss is possible purely through calories deficit. However for a healthy weight loss we need to ensure that we get enough protein from the food we eat so that the repair and rebuilding of our muscle tissues is taken care of. With more muscles we experience better metabolism which in turn helps you burn more calories at a faster rate. Hence Protein can be your best friend.

4. Sleep well and stress less

One of the major reasons why people don’t see results is losing weight is because they don’t sleep enough. Yes......I did say “sleep well”. Our bodies recover when we sleep and not when we are awake. The rebuilding and repair of our tissues happen during sleep. For all the hard work that you put towards achieving your weight loss goal - sleep plays an important role. Therefore make sure you get a good 7-8 hours of sound good night’s sleep. Stress can negatively impact your weight loss goals. Stress releases a hormone called “CORTISOL” which tends to store fat especially in the midsection area. Avoid stressing yourself too much and keep cortisol at bay.

5. Those weights won’t lift themselves

Lift those weights to build muscles. We need muscles as we age. And to retain those muscles we got to lift. Resistance and strength training should be an important part of your exercise routine at least twice a week to ensure we build lean mass. This helps boost our metabolism to burn more fat.

Hope these tips help you on your weight loss journey as much as they helped me in mine.

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