Vishal Pritmani’s Tremendous Transformation from 130kg to 80kg

Bullies cannot win if you have a passion to prove yourself!

Vishal Pritmani’s Tremendous Transformation from 130kg to 80kg

When you have huge weight-loss target, the biggest road-blocks are the plateau phases where your weight get stuck at one point and you have push it further down. Vishal faced it every 6-7kgs. Find out what he did to move the weight bar down not one time but every time it happened!

Sometimes your own family and relatives can be your challengers. I was bullied many times. People told me I could never lose weight in my life. Even I was ashamed and concerned to fit into my clothes and the king of food I was having.

Being a dental student, in college my diet was horrific as busy schedules and work load make it a perfect environment to just binge on whatever is available easy and junk no matter what. Today I realize how important it is as we are what we eat! I insist there has to be a perfect balance in your protein carbohydrate and fats with essential minerals and right amount of water to keep our system working.

It is a basic knowledge which we learnt in our school time:

  • Proteins are building blocks 
  • Carbohydrates are energy 
  • Fats are protective 
  • Water is flushing 
  • We just have to have it in right proportions to maintain correct balance
  • Fitness regime includes weight training

I do functional, MMA 4-5 times in a week and Cardio 3 times in a week.

Biggest hurdles faced when you have lot of weight to loose, are plateau phases which represent that getting stuck to one particular weight for a long time. It happened with me every 6 to 7kgs loss. I’d be stuck on a plateau phase. What I did? I just changed my activity and diet regime and that's the trick. Don’t make your body used to one thing a slight change does the magic. Trust me it works.

Fitness is an addiction you cannot reach the goals without not having hunger for something.

Your journey can be started with one rep.

Yes, of course, my motive is always to inspire others. There are so many ‘Vishals’ out there who gave up on their health, may be for education, career or just anything. At the end of the day,the only person you can count on is yourself.

Being fat is not a curse. There should be no shame or taboo to be fat. In our society people have conservative thinking but it is changing slowly. It is just that we have to be fit to feel good internally and externally not for the society.

Transformation is not a one-day task, you have to be constant and be patient. It is a difficult path but it is a beautiful journey in which you will be the evidence of your growth and be the inspiration for others.

 If I can do it anyone can do it! My simple advice would be - Follow your own path and be constant.

We should focus on the below pointers in transformation:

  • 60% is what we eat - our diet 
  • 30% a mandatory physical activity or exercise schedule 
  • 10% rest and no unnecessary stress

In the beginning, you don’t need to lift weight, you just simply go for a walk or choose steps over the lift. The most important thing is that don’t take unnecessary stress, just relax because at the end of the day life will move, you just give it a time.

My only fitness mantra is ‘Believe in Yourself’. Be your own motivation because life is not meant to give up.

Once you have achieved your goals then you can encourage others because there are many people out there who need motivation. 

Society will teach you but don’t fall for any particular formula just ‘BE THE CHANGE YOURSELF’.

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