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Vinay Sangwan: Road to Kettlebell Championship

Video gives a run through of what it takes to win an international kettlebell championship. From his prep to his training to his pre-championship mindset to his winning moment – Vinay Sangwan’s journey is packed here for you to see and get inspired!

Vinay Sangwan is a kettlebell master. Although this is not the first sport he picked up. He has been an avid cricket player and fan earlier. Discipline has always been a part of his living as a sportsperson. He comes from a background of sports players and hence, the potential was always in him. The video is about his prep and journey to Paris, France to win and bring home a prestigious international Kettlebell title.

Being a kettlebell trainer, he has to commute to different directions in the city from Gurgaon to Ghaziabad and handle different types of clients with different health conditions and body types. As shown in the video, it becomes difficult for Vinay to be such an occupied trainer and prepare for international championship with equal zeal.

Vinay Sangwan explains how the challenges he faces day in and day out make his resolve all the more strong. I one day he travels over 40 kms one way, trains different clients, trains himself and looks after his diet. This routine tirelessly repeats itself day after day until the day of departure to the competition. The video carries all the answers to his fans’ questions.

His family helps him a lot in maintaining his nutrition. In the morning he starts his day from black coffee and packs his breakfast of boiled eggs, nuts and other nutrition plus supplements to be filled and fueled on the way. His sleep cycle does get affected but since, he enjoys his profession and training as an athlete, the journey becomes easy for him. He says that along with training and daily discipline, nutrition is the key to keep an athlete on toes.

All his preparation helped him prepare his iron fist for kettlebell championship and he came home with the gold medal and two prestigious titles at home. He was welcomed home with festivities, enthusiasm and warmth at home. He said that it is feeling of pride to hold tricolor high on a foreign land. He always wanted to outperform himself and bring home more accolades to the country.

He said that being an athlete helps him to be a better trainer as it inculcates the habit of good discipline, consistency and determination in him. It helps him upgrade his knowledge through experiences with different types of clients. So indirectly, his profession of a fitness trainer, has helped him immensely in becoming a successful athlete!

The video features his father, mother and one of his best friends who reveal that he has not always been a strong person. But he has evolved into one over the period of time. The good thing in him is that he never gave up and kept working hard on his goals, a quality needed in all kinds of winners in life. Watch Vinay’s road Kettlebell Championship in this video!

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