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Vegetarians Bodybuilding? Myth or Reality? – by Padmanav Koushik

Most of the vegetarians think that building a good body, having rippling muscles is not possible without eating non-veg, which is an absolute myth. Padmanav Koushik clears this doubt in this article while telling you how you can do it too!

Vegetarians Bodybuilding? Myth or Reality?  – by Padmanav Koushik

Vegetarianism is a very common and old approach or practice that had been with the mankind since a very long time and due to various purposes. A Vegetarian’s diet is basically focussed on plants and dairy based foods. Unlike vegans, vegetarians have an allowance to consume animal products but not the flesh. So in today’s world from a fitness perspective some people are very often misguided that a vegetarian can’t build muscles because of their low protein diet, but it is nothing but a funny and lame excuse and a hilarious joke. Even if you peep into the world of fitness, lots of fitness freaks are there who are even more ripped and muscular being a vegetarian. Let us discuss some of the protein rich foods and workout basics especially for a vegetarian.


A vegetarian has ample amount of protein rich foods if we want to list them out particularly. Besides plants, they have an ultimate food that is milk and dairy products.

Milk being the ultimate food for a vegetarian, which is a complete protein source containing all the 9 essential amino acids and 82% of the cow’s milk is casein protein and 18% of it is the serum or Whey protein. Whey protein, a famous and fundamental supplement for serious fitness freaks is derived from milk serum. Besides protein, milk is constituted with a high concentration of micronutrients. Milk can be recognised as a super food.

Next comes the Paneer or the cottage cheese, which is also a complete and rich source of casein protein.

Yogurt, another source of rich casein protein source even more than that of Paneer. Curd, another source of protein, which is also phenomenal for the health of the gut microbiota.

Besides if we look into the plant world, there are enough sources like the Soy protein viz. the Soya chunks and soy products, legumes, broccoli, nuts etc. But there is a big twist to shape your diet chart in order to shape your body. If you are overweight and want to lose fat, you have to switch to a calorie deficit diet and have to cut down the intake of bad fats to a significant amount and have to add some dietary fibers and protein sources to your diet. Avoid refined and processed food completely and switch to natural and complex carbohydrates. As a person who is underweight and wants to gain muscle mass, switch to calorie surplus diet with ample amount of carbohydrates, good fats and ample protein sources.


As we all know that we break and tear muscles in the gym and we build our body at home. This is called recovery. We often miss one important step behind muscle building process and that obstructs us from reaching our destiny. We take a healthy diet, workout hard but we do not take ample amount of rest or a good sleep. Sleep and diet recovers our broken muscle fibres and helps us to build muscles. 7-8 hours of deep sleep per day is quite necessary.

Among the workouts, let us divide into two major parts one is cardiovascular training and the other is strength training. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is quite phenomenal and less time consuming for the person with fat loss motives. HIIT depletes the glycogen store of our body and by the EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) procedure, it helps in burning the stored fats and calories even in the post-exercise recovery periods. Another form is LISS (Low Intensity Steady State Cardio) which is quite effective for low fat percentage masses of people with a moderate pace cardiovascular workouts to deplete the stubborn fat percentage.

The most important for all is the strength training. Besides any sex, body types and age everyone should perform and focus your 70% workout time on the strength or resistance training. It can be complete body weight workout like callisthenics or weight training depending upon your choice. But the inclusion of strength training in your daily workout schedule  strengthen and tear your muscle fibres and bulk up your muscle mass at the recovery periods. They are phenomenal in toning up your body and to increase the strength and also quite phenomenal in losing the stubborn sub-cutaneous and visceral fats.

As an end line, there are no excuses in fitness, Eat clean, Workout hard, have a sound sleep and repeat these 3 deeds regularly with utmost discipline. That is the only thing that makes you build your body well.

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