Vartika, A Medical Student Transforms Herself for A Better Tomorrow!

Like many college students, Vartika’s life became hell when people started taunting her for being over-weight. She took a conscious decision to transform and changed her lifestyle so much so that she is now making news!

Vartika, A Medical Student Transforms Herself for A Better Tomorrow!

I most of the times have a hectic lifestyle and sometimes, I am completely idle. So, I have to manage in between both these extremes. My name is Vartika and I belong to Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. I am 21 years old now. I was 19 when I decided to start a stable gym and diet routine for my life.

I am studying for cracking medical exams. I am a dropout right now but soon if everything goes right, my profession will be a doctor. I have the feeling of achievement now when I have lost 20kg as far as my fitness is concerned.

Everyone has a different weight loss journey and weight loss wasn’t  same for me like it’s for everyone. I have been suffering from iron deficiency or anaemia since puberty. It has always been difficult for me to workout since I used to get tired very easily. Hence, I concentrated on my diet. I followed strictly a healthy diet, to replenish nutrients in my body and keep me stable through my weight loss journey.

I used to workout daily whether it is for 30 minutes or for 1 hour. I made it a point to be consistent. Whenever I had a busy and hectic day, I would wake up early (which I still do) and give that extra time to my workout and exercise session.

Till my school days I didn’t bother whether I was over-weight or not.But soon after it, people started taunting me about my weight and I became conscious. This is the reason that after my 12th standard, I took the important decision of transforming myself.

I try to workout in the morning but sometimes, due to study schedule, I workout in the evening. My routine includes any thing like gym, swimming, Zumba, home workout, running, anything that suits my schedule the best. I dealt with it one day at a time.

Dieting is the most important part of my journey and now it is an important part of my fit lifestyle. I actually eat everything so that my body doesn’t crave for anything and I don’t all of a sudden leave my fitness goals because of that or go off-track. Basically, I have my meals based on low carbs. I intake good amount of protein and sufficient healthy fats. I eat 5 times a day. I keep 1 day in a week for fast food also as a cheat day. It also includes fruits, veggies, dairy products, non-veg, dry fruits and peanut butter.

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