V. Saravan Kumar: Even if It is in Genes, It has to be Worked Out!

Saravan worked as a bouncer, couldn't do well at school and sacrificed a lot for his passion before becoming a success in this field. Read this athlete coverage to motivate yourself!

V. Saravan Kumar: Even if It is in Genes, It has to be Worked Out!

I am V. Saravana Kumar, a 22-year-old from Chennai, Tamilnadu.

My father was a professional Kabbadi player who has played for state team. He now owns a grocery shop and my mother V. Sivagami is a housewife. He won several trophies and even I look at the trophy since my childhood I look up to my father and he is my inspiration.

My father was a professional kabbadi player who has played for state team and many local matches. In my home, there is one large size rolling cup which was given for my father's kabbadi team. There's where my pathway starts. I often looked at the trophy when I was in small and thought I want to get a similar big trophy.

Months passed, when I was doing my 7th standard, I got my 1st winning moment in sports life where I got 3rd place in short put. While seeing my dad's old picture, I got a interest in working out. As a kabbadi player, he had very well built physique in those days. I have some dumbells, rods in my home where I used to do workouts in 7th std . I used to do push ups and pull ups regularly. During 8th std, I got selected for 100m and 200m long jump and short put so to prepare for finals, I started my workouts regularly but not properly. I got medals in those events which I rained for where in 9th std, I gained small biceps and forearms I used to wear tight shirt to my school, every guy will get impressed with my biceps.

I got familiar because of my biceps and my athletics. During 10th, I participated in overall championship in athletics, where I used to wear sleeveless shirt so that everyone could know that I have biceps! When I had more free time decided to go to gym. But my mother didn't give my 1st month gym fees, so I sold all my 7th std books for my gym fees and joined one local gym at the age of 17. There I used to go 2 times a day. I joined BE civil in 2014. During 1st year of my college, one intercollege bodybuilding show happened, I decided to give my name for that event.

That was my 1st bodybuilding competition. I wasn't selected in top 10. For that more people started critizing me in my college as well as in my gym. So I decided to shut their mouth by winning any medal in bodybuilding. I did another bodybuilding show after a month. I didn't get selected. I lost in some competitions in the beginning. After I started strict diet and workout routine, I got 5th place in one interdistrict competition. Then I got 4th place in Mr. Chennai and 1st place in Mr. Thiruvallur and I got my 1st state medal in February 2016 Mr. Tamilnadu 3rd place, that was the life changing game.

I won Mr. Tamilnadu at the age of 18, almost the youngest kid in Chennai to win in senior bodybuilding category also I got many medals on district and state levels where my achievements got published in many local articles. Then every local person came to know me. Bodybuilding is a money demanding sport, I don't have any financial support from my family so I started working in the age of 18. I used to go as a bouncer in the pubs and parties for my additional income. At the age of 19 I started working in network marketing company and I used to take personal training sessions.

I bagged another state title and overall title in 2017. My article has been published in a local magazine. During school days, I won't concentrate on studies because of my worst performance in academics. My school principal called my mother and told that her son is unfit for anything. My mother started crying because of my principal's scolding. In 2017, after the publishing of the artcile I went as chief guest in the same school for the sports day.

There bodybuilding gave me pride and courage. I did only local competitions untill I met Mr. Rajendran Mani, he's 3 times Mr. World champion.

I started listening to his words and trained under him in 2018, which was one of my best year for my passion. I won many bodybuilding titles and became one of the famous young age bodybuilders in chennai. Until those days I don't even have money to buy proper track pants. I wore torn tracks to the gym where everyone used to tease me. I spent all my income in bodybuilding. After many achievements, I got selected as ambassador for an international clothing wear " kwench " where I got costly tracks and gym wears. Also I got associated with a nutrition supplement brand. I started taking more personal training in the gym for my upcoming competitions. I got selected for Mr. World bodybuilding in 1st sep 2018. I started working for it which happened in 11-17 December 2018, I bagged 6th position in senior men's bodybuilding 75kg category. 1st indian to bag top 6 position at the age of 22 - one of my biggest achievement, now I am preparing for my upcoming bodybuilding competitions


  • Mr. World 2018 top 6
  • 6 times Mr. Tamilnadu champion
  • 1 time interstate champion of champion
  • 8 times district champion
  • 5 times inter district champion

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