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Upper Body Workout - Day 2

Day – 2 of 7 Days Home Workout with Rosie focuses on Upper Body Workout. This targets your shoulders, core, upper back muscles and arms. From warming up to an ending with stretches, she demonstrates 5 exercises for upper body in between.

Rosie starts by telling about the focus area of Day-2 workout that is Upper Body. Since a good warm-up is imperative before beginning with any workout, she begins with warm – up exercises which include jumping jacks (30 seconds) followed by High Knee jumps (30 seconds), Crawl-out bends (10 reps) and Crawl-out Bends push-ups (10 reps).

Next, she starts with upper body workouts with Spider-Man plank (20 reps / 3 sets). This exercise strengthens your shoulder and core muscles to gain more strength. Take plank position on your elbows as Rosie demonstrates and bring your knees towards your torso one by one. Then she moves on to do 3-5 sets of Mountain Climbers plus Push-ups. Each set includes 10 reps of Mountain Climbers and 5 Push-ups. Mountain climbers can be cross body as well, according to your choice.

Next, Rosie shows you how to do Upright and Press workout using a dumbbell. Keep hand in line with your shoulder, stretched outwards. A right angle forms from your elbow with your forehand upwards with the weights. You take it up right and bring in back to the starting position. While performing press, your forearms are facing downwards, stretch your arms downwards with weight in hand and bring back to starting position. You can do this exercise in a standing position or in sitting position. In both the cases, impact is the same. Make sure to keep your posture straight and avoid swinging motion, keep your torso as firm as possible while performing the exercise. This exercise strengthens your shoulders, arms and chest at the same time.

She moves on to perform Rear Flies next. She does it in two variations. Firstly, she does it with one dumbbell. If you lift dumbbell with left hand then right leg will be forward while taking position for flies and if it is in right hand then left leg will be forward. The leg in the forward position will have a little bend in the knee and torso will be straight in line with the rest of the body. Now, bring the dumbbell up, keep elbow soft and perform exercise using shoulder and back muscles, come back to the starting position as shown in the video. Repeat with the other hand. While performing exercises using weights, you must keep the motion slow so that muscles are engaged for longer time.

Second variation of flies is done using both your hands. Here, you join your legs and bend a little at the knees. Hold the dumbbell in each hand and perform the flies with a firm torso, only engaging your shoulder and back muscles like in the first variation. If you are doing this exercise for the first time, do it without weights as demonstrated by Rosie or use very light weight so that you are sure that you won’t hurt your back. Once you get used to and your muscles get prepared, you can consider increasing weight gradually.

The last workout is plank plus one hand tap. You keep a dumbbell at an arms distance and take plank position. One by one you tap on the dumbbell, alternating each hand while staying in the plank position. This exercises works wonders for your core strengthening as well as is good for your upper arms and shoulders.

She ends the workout with some stretching exercises which also act as an apt cool down. The stretching exercises start with Side Bends followed by Downward dog pose, Cobra pose, Side plank, Table top hover position and Child pose.

Upper Body Workout


Jumping Jack   30 seconds
High knee jumps   30 seconds
Crawl-out Bends   10 Reps
Crawl-out Bends push-ups   10 reps


Spider-Man plank 3 20 Reps
Mountain climbers + push-ups 10 MC + 5 push-ups 3 or 5
Upright and press 3 20 Reps
Rear flies (two variations) 3 10 reps
Plank + front hand tap 3 20 reps

Stretching exercises

Side Bends
Downward dog pose
Cobra Pose
Side plank
Table top hover position
Child pose

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