Unthinkable: These Fitness Icons Will Pump Up Life Inside You!

The hunger of Success leads you to a destination. The winners are the one who transform their sufferings to passion and struggle for success.

What makes them different from thousands of other people? Second question is how they did it!

If you want to make your mark then be incredibly positive.

Every successful individual has different beliefs and paths but have one similarity that is Dare to Dream.

Will power is the most powerful word which defines your dreams. Whether you want to lose weight, get a perfect physique, want to be a great bodybuilder. It all starts and ends with WILL POWER.

If you have dedication, passion and zeal you can cross every roadblock. 

Here at Bodyandstrength.com, the renowned names of fitness and sports industry talk about their different beliefs and source of motivation.

Deepika Chowdhury, India’s First Female IFBB Pro

“I want you all to see your struggle as a tool to become more emphatic and compassionate. This will not just make a difference in your own life but in the whole world”

Yatinder Singh, Mr Asia

“God designed us in a very unique way and gave us senses to speak, to react, to see, all these powers make us unique and motivate to do something great. But it’s not possible till you will not believe that you’re the strongest person on this planet. You can only do this by consistency, dedication, hardwork, sacrifice last but not the least will-power.”

Richard & Kevin James, Father (President, IBFF India) & Son Bodybuilding Duo

“I believe in training with young people so I can get motivation from them. Second I get motivated when people come and ask how you are so fit at this age. I saw kevin growing up now I train with him, it gives motivation to me.”

Anand Arnold, India’s First Wheelchair Bodybuilder

“Lord Is My Shepherd and I Shall Not Want, If I Can Do It, You Can Too”

Padma Shri Deepa Malik, Paralympian

“People on wheelchair can have very regular life, little modification are here and there. You make some changes as winners don’t do different things they do things differently. If you do things differently you are a winner automatically. Instead of always looking yourself as a patient and go to hospital for exercise why not shift your focus to gym.”

Guru Mann, Founder & Owner of GM Nutrition/Founder of GMSA Academy

“Health is for everybody- millionaire, billionaire, office person, student, and for every age-group. It doesn’t matter. Health is Wealth.”

Kaizzad Capadia, Co-founder & Director of K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences

“At this stage, I really don’t care how much progress I’m making as long as there is a progress in your workout. That’s it. It gives me motivation to do next step.”

This is how they have made their mark in their fields. Feed yourself daily with motivation and positivity.

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