Umang Katyal on Representing India at International Stage

Watch and read this athlete coverage of Umang Katyal who is a gym entrepreneur and a successful men’s physique athlete. He reveals the mindset and technique which helps him win his on-stage battles.

I am Umang Katyal from Delhi. I am an International Athlete. I started my career of bodybuilding in 2014 and I competed for the first time in 2016 and I won the title of Mr. Delhi in my very first competition and since then I never looked back.

I have received many prestigious titles like Mr. Delhi (2016), Mr. India (2016-18) with my sincerity and passion for bodybuilding.

I stepped up at an International Stage for the first time in Sheru Classic in 2017 and was placed in top 10 all over the world and it has continued in 2018 also.

I own a gym in Delhi. I wake up early in the morning and dedicate my whole day to my gym and my clients.

From the very beginning, I was mentally preparing myself to walk alone on this path to achieve my goals. No matter who is with me or not. What matters is whether I am ready to take challenges or not, that’s it!

So I started my journey with passion, zeal and firm determination to win the race. I am still setting new targets for myself to prove myself even further and improve myself with each passing day.

I have faced various problems in my journey but I never looked at them as a problem. My family didn’t support me in the beginning of my career but after seeing my efforts and dedication, they started believing in me.

There was no one to guide me throughout my journey. I managed all my diet and workout plans by my own. But I am lucky that my friends and family support me in my decision. And I don’t want to prove them wrong so I give my 200% in my professional and personal goals.

When I was preparing for my competitions, I injured my shoulder and wasn’t able to participate in that event. That was quite difficult phase for me as I badly wanted to take part in the event. Eventually, I recovered with time and there were other opportunities so one must not get stuck in time and work on oneself to make the most of the coming up future.

During my preparation, I do cardio and light weight exercises. But in normal days, I do heavy weight and intense training.

In normal days, I intake high carbs and during competition, I intake high protein and low carb diet given that nutrition plays the key role in shredding for competitions.

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