Tremendous Weight Loss of a Journalist - Tulika Singh!

It took her two years to reach her target naturally. No shortcuts and only consistency. Fitness is now a lifestyle for this journalist whose lifestyle didn’t have a discipline at all. Read how she did it stage by stage with patience and perseverance. Tulika is still going strong!

Tremendous Weight Loss of a Journalist - Tulika Singh!

June 10, 2017 – This was the day when I took the determined resolution to lose excess fat which was slowly ruining my body. First of all, I went for full-body health check-up which included thyroid, lipid profile, CBC, vitamin D and vitamin B12, etc. Then I showed the report to my doctor. According to him, everything was normal with me except my increasing weight which was at a whopping 106kg!

 After this incident, I felt a little low because even I myself didn’t know how my weight kept on increasing and increasing day by day. There was a figure in front of my eyes which seemed too high and it was difficult for me to take it back! But then I convinced my mind that from this point, I don’t have anything to lose. Whatever I will do, I am going to gain from it. I discussed this issue with my husband Digvijay Singh, my son Shriyansh Vats and my best friend Mishtu Basak because without support at home and otherwise, it was almost impossible for me to embark on this journey and win it. I brought weighing machine home. For once, I ate almost everything I loved to eat without thinking much considering the fact that it was perhaps my last day of living an unbalanced life. I may enjoy this moment once I am through with 5kg weight loss target that too only once. I took my motivation up.

On June 14, 2017, I started my journey. Taking a walk outside in the park was more difficult for me, even more than regulating my diet. Here my husband helped me by taking care of my son while I went for a walk. My friend Mistu, used to wake me up on time and kept talking to me till the time I walked in the park. While talking to her, I managed to cover 6 to 7 km walk daily! For losing my weight, what I did foremost was to control my mind. I discovered that weight loss is more a work of mind than body. I made small targets like somehow, I have to down till 99 kg. I never wavered from my following my diet till I reached my target of losing 5kg at least. I overhauled whole of my kitchen.

Instead of normal salt, I was using black salt. I removed refined oil and switched to olive and mustard oil. I used jaggery instead of sugar. I removed every type of junk or packed product from the house and fridge. I kept only what my son used to have in limited quantity. I only used to make my diet plan for 10 days. I discovered that it helps in not getting bored of the same plan. Also, once body gets used to one routine, the weight loss progress stops. This happens with the same kind of exercise routine also. So we must keep on changing.

Today also, I follow the same routine. In my entire journey, I didn’t lose my focus, didn’t use any kind of dietary pills, artificial food or herbal powders which came very expensive in the market. I started educating myself and started reading books and internet based articles on health and weight loss. I used to treat myself with all the materials available in my kitchen including herbs. With the help of these, I could come down to 65kg without any exhaustion, without any side-effects while doing all my daily work.

For cutting off first 12-13kg, I used to walk or run to complete about 11 km daily. But after this, I struck a platform and weight loss stopped and my skin started sagging. At this time, I joined gym and strategic workout. Now I do tough workout according to my target. I started off with CrossFit, cardio and some floor exercises like planks, lunges, stepping and crunches. When I lost 10 kg more then I started weight training and strength training to increase my stamina and tone my body. Nowadays, I go to the gym for 6 days. Two days for leg exercises like duck walk chair plank leg extensions, leg curls squats, and squats jumping, weight squat etc. Two days typical weight training for hand, shoulder, back and chest. One is totally focus on crossfit, kick boxing and some advance workout  no weight training at all. One day is for abs, which includes different types of planks crunches with different weight dumbbells. I always remember during workout that I have to finish at least one liter water with two lemons. Before workout, I love to take black coffee, which maintains my energy level and after workout, I always take green tea or one cup hot water. Now I am focusing on toning myself and strength training to maintain myself.

The most challenging part of my journey was of course my lifestyle and habit of eating just anything, especially, the leftovers. I was rearing my child, looking after his studies, in between doing my journalistic work and taking care of family. I never thought that I would be taking up the challenge of leaving this routine and taking the tough road instead to claim a better life where I can wear whatever I wish to and fit in every dress of my choice. Where I have a better immune system and better stamina to enjoy life to the fullest with my family. In between my journey when I came from 106kg to 85kg, I got struch with dengue and my journey got a set back in terms of my health. I was wondering whether I will be able to stand back on my feet and run like I was doing. But with my friends and family’s support, and my own will-power I not only recovered but now I am leading the life I dreamt of with my good fitness level!

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