Training Life with MMA Fighter Dhruv Chaudhary

It’s his spirit that made him to choose one of the most dangerous sports in India!

Indian professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter Dhruv Chaudhary shares a training day session with The strong and agile ‘Psycho’ Dhruv Chaudhary is the 3rd ranked of 78 active Asia South Pro Bantamweights. Dhruv hails from the city of Meerut, India. He started training for MMA fights in the year 2007 with Taekwondo and in 2012, he started fighting as a professional.

It is considered to be one of the most dangerous sports in India. He terms it a sport because MMA fights are taken in the sporting spirit only, they are not meant for real life grounding! Though it is more of a private sport but has gained immense popularity among the masses and also in sporting and fitness sector all over the world.

In the video, Dhruv demonstrates how he trains for gaining strength with circuit training session and other martial arts based workouts like pad-work, kick boxing and other techniques. This particular sport involves all your senses to be trained and your body to be strengthened enough. The combination of both yields the required victory in the ring-rounds.

The focus, reflex-action, strength, attack and defense – all are necessary to be worked upon. Hence, the workouts designed for an MMA trainer are quite different than a regular sports person or a bodybuilder. The fighter has to be quick, strong and with a sound mind to yield an intelligent action packed fight resulting in flooring of the opponent.

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