Train with Rakesh Udiyar – Indian Kabaddi Players

Episode 1 of the series Train with Rakesh Udiyar has one of the known Indian Kabaddi Players – Sayali Nagwekar, getting trained by this ace trainer. The training technique keeps in mind the requirements of the particular sport and hence, is different from training he gives to other people. Watch how Rakesh trains Sayali to boost her potential for the Kabaddi sport!

The Episode opens with Rakesh Udiyar giving an overview of the series and then telling about the episode which is focused on the training technique of Indian Kabaddi Players. Sayali Nagwekar and one more Kabaddi player features doing the agility enhancing workouts. Rakesh emphasizes that training of sports athlete depends upon the kind of movements involved in the field for those particular athletes.

For example, in Kabaddi, players have to be quick and agile since they have to move very fast sideways and make way through using their mind yet not caught until coming back to their own side. Along with agility, they have to focus on strength to complement their overall sporting performance.

Most of the workouts trained their lower body as in Kabaddi that part of the body is moved the most. They are seen in the video doing squats, battle-rope, burpees, dumbbell squats and weighted squats, etc. As Rakesh highlights, “Mostly agility enhancing exercises and a bit of strength makes the workout routine of Kabaddi players.”

Rakesh’s dexterous hand in training makes Indian Kabaddi players train like a pro and this episode is specially meant for those who are into sports which require super-agile body. People who wish to know how Indian sports players are trained and how it is different from the standard training method, must not miss this episode!

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