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Total Body Workout - Day 1

Day – 1 of 7 Days Home Workout with Rosie begins with Total Body Workout. This targets your shoulders, core, butt, back and legs, improves overall strength and tones your entire body. From warming up to cooling down, she demonstrates a 6 exercise schedule with 30 seconds rest in between sets.

Rosie begins her workout with a dose of pre-workout booster so that she has enough energy throughout the grill. She starts with warm-up exercises like arm rolling in front, back and sides, 10 times each way. Then she performs crawl out bend in 10 reps, followed by crawl out bend push-ups in 10 reps. The last warm-up exercise is optional. These exercises open up your body, increase the blood circulation and prepares it for the following workout. A good warm-up is imperative for an injury free workout as well.

As she begins with the first workout which is cross-body mountain plank, she demonstrates the right posture for performing the exercise. This exercise targets your abs and tones your legs. Hence, the posture has to be straight without any slouching, arms in line with your shoulders in plank position. Now, bring your legs by knees to the opposite hand, left knee to right hand and right knee to left hand one by one. This exercise has to continue for 30 seconds / 3 Sets.

Next workout is slide plank. This exercise is of 30 seconds again. Take the plank positing keeping your posture straight and arms aligned with shoulder, bring both your legs sliding towards your hands then take them back. Repeat. After 30 seconds rest, she moves to perform side plank movement up. She instructs to plank on one side, keep shoulder strong, legs strong and core engaged while moving your body in up down movement from torso. Do this for 30 seconds / 3 sets. Repeat the same on the other side. Next she demonstrates, in & out squats for 20 reps / 3 sets.

Next exercise is burpees to be done for 10 reps / 3 sets.  After an explosive round of burpees you have to proceed to reverse lunges, you have to do 10 with each leg for 20 reps / 3 sets. Do not forget to take a 30 seconds break before beginning the next workout each time.

She emphasizes on stretching after the workout with relaxing stretches of yoga poses. In the first one your stretch both your legs out in opposite direction while keeping your torso straight. Then bring your hands down to the ground making support for your head as it also comes down until it touches the ground, keep this position for a few seconds before coming up. Next yoga pose is squats from one side to another then warrior pose. Next, she does very beneficial poses to help with your spine, back pain and posture corrections.

Rosie chooses to some crunches before cool down exercises. She first does bicycle crunch by lying down on the mat and then reverse crunches bringing both legs up together. These crunches work well for your core and legs. Next, she does slow cool down exercises to relax the worked up muscles in the end of the session. These exercises calm down your body in excellent manner.

In this way, Rosie wraps up wholesome full body exercise session in the first episode of 7 days home workout with Rosie. Do watch the whole episode and follow the session to gain the most out of it. Here’s the quick recap exercise table for you to keep note of:

Workout Details

Cross body mountain plank 3 30 seconds
Slide plank 3 30 seconds
Side plank movement (up & down) 3 30 seconds
In & out squats 3 20 reps
Burpees 3 10 reps
Reverse Lunges 3 20 reps

Stretching exercises

  • Yoga Poses / Warrior Pose


  • Bicycle Crunch
  • Reverse Crunch

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