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Top Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

Losing weight is no less than an unending battle for most of the people. They give their best to a routine sometimes, still they are unable to find reason behind why they are not losing weight. This common problem is addressed by Vishakha Sodha in this article where she zeroes in on those very reasons.

Top Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

A lot of us struggle with body image issues. The society has engraved in us a vision of a perfect body and most of us try to achieve it without thinking whether it is healthy or not. Losing weight requires patience and resilience,it isn’t an overnight activity. Although in the beginning you may lose weight quickly, this process has a chance of slowing down.Also, are you sure the routine you are following, is helping you lose weight? Here are the top reasons you may not be losing weight.

1. You May Not be Seeing The Weight You’re Losing

You may be losing weight but it may not be seen on your weighing scale. When you start exercising, you don’t just lose fat but you also gain muscle. Rather than relying solely on your weighing scale, you should try measuring your body with a measuring tape as well.

2. Type of Exercise

Another reason could be the type of exercise you do. If you only focus on exercises that build muscle, you may end up not burning fat. For this you also need to include cardio in your workout as it is the most effective way of burning fat and it also keeps your heart healthy.

3. Sleep and Rest

Sleep and rest are very important parts of a healthy lifestyle. Simply exhausting yourself at the gym won’t help if you don’t get proper rest. When you are sleeping, your body uses that time to rebuild the muscles that are being strained. Without proper sleep, you are only harming your body and not building it.

4. Schedule Your Meals

Instead of fitting in multiple small meals, you should acclimatize your body to the sun cycle. You must have your breakfast as the sunrises and have your dinner with the sunset. This gives your body enough time to process the food you have eaten and as a result does not let fat get stored in your body.

5. Waterintake

Water is an essential part of our diet. Instead of drinking water between your meal, you should have it before. This helps the body digest food in time and also causes less bloating and water retention.

6. Exercise with Dieting

Only dieting will not help you lose weight. Exercising along with planning a diet is very essential to losing weight. Dieting will only help you maintain the weight you already have. Exercising will help you lose the weight you have gained in the past.

7. Hormones

Hormones play an important role in our weight. They can cause our weight to fluctuate and seem more than it actually is.How quickly or slowly you lose or weight depends on your hormones.

8. Sugary Beverages

Most of your calorie intake is in the form of sugary beverages. They aren’t present only in aerated drinks but also in energy drinks and fruit juices. The best way to lose weight is to decrease the intake or completely cut out these sugary devils.

9. Realistic Expectations

Keeping your expectations realistic is a must. Everyone has a different type of body and therefore cannot achieve the looks of a fitness model. You have to set your target according to how your body is made and what your body can achieve.

Weight loss can mean different things to different people. Above everything else, the most important thing is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One should not forget that a healthy body doesn’t always have to be lean. You should always keep your health in mind rather than the “ideal” body that the society dictates.You must always push yourself to be the best version of you but in the healthiest way possible.

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