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Top 7 Tips for a Healthier Christmas

Is it difficult for you to practice control over your food this season? Do you tend to spend your time sitting or binging end of the year? This article will help you do otherwise. Read further to benefit!

Top 7 Tips for a Healthier Christmas

More often than not, Christmas season is cold and chilly season. On top of that we end up having year-end holidays following the Christmas festivities! All this just builds up on us and we don’t think twice before turning into a partying potato. Well, potato because most of the times, we can’t stop ourselves from stuffing savories, cakes with an overdose of good old caffeine.

Now the question is – can this be termed as a celebration? If you throw this question to a fitness freak, he or she would definitely call it a deliberation to just crash everything you have been doing till now to reach your fitness goals! Hence, time has come to turn this deliberation in to a real celebration with a healthy detour. Let’s see how we can ditch the overdose of everything into an enjoyable season which we won’t ever regret!

1. Don’t sit down all day

We know that it is time to welcome guests, and if not that virtual gatherings sitting on your couch, cozy in your blanket; or watching the latest season of your favorite series. There is no way you are going out in gatherings in the time of pandemic so these are the small ways you will be celebrating. But be cautious, this kind of celebration means long sitting hours, that means eating without activity all day and gathering up fat at all the wrong places! Hence, keep moving, take up dance sessions to celebrate, opt for aerobics to start your day and calm down with yoga stretches in the evening.

2. Go easy on drinks

Who doesn’t want to get high once in a while, especially in winters and also, when there is a super reason of Christmas. Well, if you want to do so avoid hard drinks. A glass of wine in the evening supper is not at all a bad idea but practice portion control here. Take control of your routine and enjoy hot milk or coffee without much sugar instead. Sip slowly and take in the aroma, avoid gulping!

3. Christmas stuffing! A serious NO-NO!

Giving your food a nutritious stuffing is another thing and giving your-self a freedom to just binge anything coming your way in the name of celebration is gross ignorance. If you don’t want to start your new year on a low, depressed note, DO NOT binge. Eat dry fruits, have a slice of no-sugar plum cake, eat your regular nutritious diet with assortment of proteins, vitamins, minerals, good fats and whole grains in the amount needed by your body in ratio with the amount of activity you are carrying out whole day. Be smart!

4. Keep cold at bay

Don’t fall prey to the chill outside. Wear clothing suitable to the weather, keep yourself toasty warm and eat and drink warm too. Keep your immunity up with herbs like ginger, tulsi, oregano, haldi and cinnamon in your kitchen. Begin your day with warm apple cider vinegar water. This will boost your overall ability to fight off chilly season and keep cold and cough at bay because falling ill this season will not only spoil the mood but also your fitness goals!

5. Eat fruit

In winters, a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables come which add taste to the dull life along with great health. Make yourself a tasteful fruit salad twice a day and have a bowl full to quench in between hunger. What more, you will do favor to your skin and hair health by doing so.

6. Don’t stress

Do not stress yourself much over preparing for get-togethers or mulling over what to do for whom. Remember, that Christmas is just one day out of 365 other days. Your health matters over enjoyment of a day. If your health is with you, you can enjoy whole of the year ahead just like Christmas so chill and do whatever you can do with your enjoyment intact and comfort zone so that you do not get mentally stressed out. Imbalance in mind leads to imbalance in your fitness routine and health goals altogether.

7. Think before cook

Whatever you cook should have good nutrition value, should be tasteful and comply with the festive feel. If you won’t cook junk, you won’t eat junk. Moreover, whole family will thank you for letting them enjoy this season with the blessing of good health coming from your kitchen. You have to be an intelligent cook and those healthy, tasty recipes which are also easy to cook are all over the internet. Change for the good!

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