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Top 10 Fittest Celebrities of 2021: Get Ready to Get Inspired!

What’s the point of having a fandom if you can’t inspire them? Harshita Dudeja at bodyandstrength.com, lists down top 10 fittest celebrities of 2021 in this article!

Top 10 Fittest Celebrities of 2021: Get Ready to Get Inspired!

According to me, whether they sing, act or dance these celebrities still managed to make fitness a priority in their busy schedules.

10 Fittest Celebrities of 2021

1. Akshay Kumar

As everyone knows, there is nobody fitter or energetic who matches Akshay Kumar in bollywood. Akshay Kumar is one actor from the 90's era, who took the standard of action to a different high altogether. Of course, his martial arts background from Thailand has worked wonders for him. He could do most difficult action sequences with ease and without taking much help from stunt directors! He follows a fit routine, does mindful nutritious eating and leads a disciplined life eve after 30 years in the Hindi film fraternity.

Let's talk about Akshay's diet and routine.

Akshay maintains a balanced diet and routine in his life. He believes in eating the right proportion at the correct time and goes off to sleep by 9 at night daily.

His usual workout routine in the morning consists of an hour of swimming, martial arts practice, followed by yoga and stretching exercises.

He concludes this session with an hour of meditation for strong mental health. Another important aspect of Akshay's fitness routine is that he keeps his body free of any sort of toxins that might cause harm.

He wakes up early in the morning at around 4:30am and starts his day with a run at the beach followed by few cardiovascular free hand exercises and yoga.


The actor is actively engaged in sports like - Kick boxing, shadow boxing and basketball.

He takes a complete day off from his work on Sunday as he keeps that day reserved strictly for his family.

You must know -Akshay once said in an interview "You don't have to be obsessed with exercising or dieting, the most important thing is to maintain a balanced and active lifestyle".

2. Tiger Shroff

Tiger shroff is a fitness enthusiast. The actor never takes a break from his workout routine and it shows on him.

He has established himself as one of the top action heroes of the current generation and the fact that he can move like jello despite being loaded with muscles and has the flexibility of an elite gymnast, continues to amaze most of us even today.

Let's talk about Tiger's muscles and body

He has functional muscles even though he is muscular, he can move with agility and precision, thanks to his martial arts and gymnastics training.

He has a well-built upper body which has developed by doing pure upper body strength workouts to develop explosive power.

When it comes to fitness, is there a need to look for motivation behind Tiger Shroff.

“When there is a will, there is a way,” seems like Tiger Shroff's mantra, when on the go. A new video shared by him on Instagram reveals that the film producer Jackky Bhagnani arranged a place, only so that Tiger can keep up with his training routine.

The actor literally takes no rest day from workout and training. Given his extraordinary athleticism and fitness levels, this should not come as a surprise.

He is very passionate about working out and keeping his body active and fit.

3. Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor is one of the fittest and charming actors of Bollywood. In fact, this handsome hunk is also an inspiration when it comes to fashion.

Shahid Kapoor undergoes rigorous fitness exercises to keep his body in fabulous shape.

Shahid Kapoor has worked really hard on his body over the years and makes sure that he keeps reminding us of his hot body.

Let's talk about Shahid's workout.

He has a six-day workout plan.

He performs the same set of exercise on MWF (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and another set on TTS (Tuesday, Tuesday, Saturday) every week.

He doesn't do exercise one day in a week, to allow his muscles to heal up.

Shahid knows that rest is a crucial part of any diet and fitness routine.

The actor who will next be seen in Jersey has shared a post on Instagram and it's an interesting one indeed.

Shahid flaunting his well-built muscles and his rugged look is just impressive.

4. Vidyut Jamwal

National level gymnast Vidyut Jamwal is a famous model turned actor and a famous Indian bollywood celebrity.

We also know him as a commando. His famous movies Commando and Commando 2 inspire us about Commando Vidyut's workout and fitness but, he is also fit and healthy in real life. He is a star and fitness icon of India.

Let's talk about Vidyut Jamwal’s diet and fitness

The actor’s diet is not a fancy one and does not include lots of animal protein or a wide range of supplements.

Vidyut has been trained in Brazilian "jiu-jitsu", "kalari ppayattu" since he was three.

He even has a degree in martial arts.

Vidyut hits the gym three to four times a week and practices martial arts and calisthenics on other days.

The actor does not spend much time in the gym and only goes three days for strength training.

He likes to eat Indian foods without processing. He tops it up with high protein.

5. Arjun Rampal

A successful model actor and producer Arjun Rampal is undoubtedly one of the most loved Bollywood personalities.

His brilliant cinematic performance, suave looks and fit body is something that we all wish we had.

Let's talk about Arjun's diet

As we can see that the secret of Arjun's fitness lies in his diet, the actor has earlier talked about his workout session and balanced diet.

In one of his interviews, the actor told that he consumes five meals a day. Each one of his meals is planned according to his exercise routine.

The actor also said that he doesn't eat after 9 PM because he feels that his digestive system needs to relax.

He believes that having a healthy metabolism is crucial. So, it's not just about eating well, but also about how it affects your metabolism.

Let's talk about Arjun's Workout routine

Arjun Rampal works out 5 days a week and advises that everyone needs to work out at least an hour a day. He works out 5 times a week.

He says cardio is the best way to burn carbs and work your way to get stunning abs.

The actor switches out his workout regimens to keep from getting bored.

He preaches that as a person we must respect our body's limits and never overdo our workouts.

The best way to get in shape is to build your stamina and actively participate in outdoor activities.

You must know that Arjun believes in eating right to keep him fit. He makes sure to include all the major food groups in his diet.

He believes that working out the lower body is as essentials building biceps as the lower body parts are the pillars to one's core strength.

6. Sidhartha Malhotra

Everyone wants to get fitness whether its male or female. In today's time, not only women but men also take great care of their fitness. Whether you want to lose weight or build your body.

For this, gymming, dieting and not knowing what other methods are adopted.

Being involved in all these things, people sometimes miss such things which are more important to keep them fit.

So, if you are looking for new ways to stay fit, take inspiration from model - turned - actor Sidharth Malhotra.

Bollywood Actor Sidharth Malhotra's busy schedule never holds him back from packing in a rigorous workout during the day.

Sidharth Malhotra is one of the fittest Hunk and when he decides to flaunt his abs and toned body on social media, he makes the temperature soaring.

He loves to exercise and call himself a self-confessed fitness freak who's addicted towards workouts.

Let's talk about Sidharth's fitness routine

One of the secrets behind the Sidharth's body is his affection towards football.

Yes, instead of doing hardcore and tough workouts in the gym, he is for more in favour of playing his favourite game.

He also doesn't believe in over exhausting his body and gladly cancelled his gym session, if a dance practice is on his schedule.

After beginning his workouts with 10 minutes of warm up exercise, Sidharth practice cardio workouts and weight training.

The actor also adores running and swimming and practices them twice in a week.

Let's talk about Sidharth's diet

While sticking to a balanced diet, the actor prefers organic and homemade foods. He confesses to having a sweet tooth, and tries to restrict the consumption of sweet foods, and prefers substituting them with naturally sweet, healthy foods.

Fruits are a major part of his diet, and he prefers having whole fruits to fruit juices. He points out that one glass of fruit juice, even a natural one will have the contents of six oranges and no fibre. He is a hardcore non-vegetarian Punjabi boy, and loves to have his chicken, fish, meat and other protein-rich food.

He believes in proper hydration, and also makes it a point to have his protein shake if he is missing meals. He is a teetotaller and steers away from smoking too.

7. Dino Morea

Workout makes you feel positive, makes you feel good about yourself.

It not only keeps you physically fit and helps keep your sanity but also keeps your mind stable. We all have ups and downs, especially in a time like this there are so many people going through lows.

Dino Morea’s love towards fitness needs no introduction; his workout videos on Instagram are proof enough, it has not stopped him from regularly working out at home to keep himself fit.

You must know about Dino Morea Fitness History.

He goes on to share that his high metabolism can be traced back from his childhood. His dad made him indulge into all kinds of sports. “I played tennis till the age of 13,” he reveals. “Then I switched to basketball, I was also into athletics, football and hockey. I used to be in the athletics team in school and college.” He adds, “Those days we didn’t have great trainers. So the motto was ‘no pain no gain’ on a daily basis. I enjoyed being on the field. The results were amazing. So, fitness has been a part of my life since childhood.”

Let's talk about Dino's workout routine

He says; at the moment I need to put on about 4 to 5 kg of muscles.

On Monday Tuesday Thursday and Saturday he hit the gym.

On Wednesday and Sunday he goes for football.

Friday is a rest day for him.

His workout stretch to an hour or hour to 10 minutes.

He begins with a quick warm up every time and ends the workout with a good stretch.

He prefers to wake up in the morning and finish his workout, and get it done with it. So, he can attend his work for the rest of the day.

8. Mohit Raina

He won many hearts in the show'Devon Ke Dev Mahadev'.He made us go crazy behind him due to his impeccable acting and charismatic personality. He has a huge fan following and is always in the news due to his chiselled bod and washboard abs. Yes, we are talking about the flawless actor Mohit Raina (the Mahadev of television). Mohit is a fitness freak and is disciplined about his fitness routine.

The actor who was also seen in soaps like 'Antariksh - Ek Amar Katha', 'Chehra', 'Bandini' and 'Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat', exhibits an incredible physique. He is one of the popular actors of the TV industry. He is a heartthrob of many due to charming looks and attractive persona. Mohit has always encouraged us to stay physically fit.

Staying physically fit is the need of the hour. If you do any physical activity of your choice you will be able to stay healthy, fit and fine. You will be able to keep health issues like diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure at bay. So, see to it that you kick off your sedentary lifestyle due to which you can fall prey to these life-threatening health diseases. So, just start exercising right away!

While talking about his transformation in his teenage days, the actor told, “I started running and working out. I turned vegetarian. By the time I participated in the contest (2005 Grasim Mr India), a year later, I had lost 29 kilos. I didn’t have six-pack abs or a shapely chest, but I made it to the top five."

Let's talk about Mohit's daily routine and diet routine

The actor shared that he wakes up at 5:45 AM and then works out for at least an hour. In terms of his diet, he shared that he consumes three grams of proteins per kilo of his body weight. And, he maintains a 60:40 proteins-carbs ratio in his diet.

After starting his day with a glass of warm water, Mohit eats a sweet potato before his workout session. After exercising, he drinks his protein shake. For breakfast, he consumes 50 grams of oatmeal. After an hour, he eats a bowl of fruits. For lunch, he eats pulses, chicken, three multigrain chapattis and green vegetables. Before dinner, he eats egg sandwiches. And, as the last meal of the day, he eats salad along with a bowl of soup.

Let's talk about Mohit's exercise routine

The exercise of Mohit Raina keeps on changing according to the weather, if it is raining outside, Mohit does a lot of indoor exercises to stay fit and if it isn’t raining, he loves to do swimming, running and playing an outdoor sport. According to him, play an outdoor sport that makes your body free. Also, when in the gym, Mohit Raina loves to do core chest and biceps exercises.

9. Gurmeet Chaudhary

He is a super-talented actor, an amazing dancer, and one of the fittest actors in the telly land. When he started off with his first show Ramayan, he looked a bit bulky, and now he has come a long way with his all-new six pack abs. We are talking about none other than Ramayan fame actor, Gurmeet Choudhary.

But the entire journey was not a cakewalk for him. A lot of hard work, patience and perseverance gave him the body that he owns today.

For Gurmeet, fitness is everything.

Let's talk about Gurmeet's exercise routine

Right from strength training, kick-boxing, dance classes to hard core exercises for his arms and abs, Gurmeet does them all to stay fit and in proper shape. He usually spends 45 minutes in the gym, working out to his heart’s content.

In an interview Gurmeet said: "I exercise every evening after 7 pm. I weight train separately on chest-shoulder-triceps, back biceps and legs on three days of a week. I usually do three sets of 15 repetitions for each body section. I do not lift more than 30 to 45 kg of weight. For the legs, I don't use weights. Free-style exercises such as squats, lateral squats, and quadriceps flex, glute kickback and lunges work better. I spend a total of 45 minutes at the gym.”

“On the other three days, I warm up with half an hour of jogging or arching and stretching my body, followed by kick boxing for 45 minutes. I train with a group of five fitness enthusiasts in the compound of my residential colony in Goregaon. Else, I head to Juhu beach.

Let's talk about Gurmeet's diet routine

According to Gurmeet, fitness is basically 80% diet and 20% workout. And therefore, he keeps a strict eye on what he eats. He revealed his diet secrets himself. Here’s how it looks like:

“I start my day with a cup of green tea at 6 am. A glass of mixed fruit juice and another of coconut water come next. I get to the set by 8 am, and have a bowl of oats with milk. Oats have fibre and keep me full for a long time. When I was playing Ram, I was required to look bulky, so I was eating close to 20 egg whites a day.”

Gurmeet prefers eating home-cooked food and his wife Debina is the one who cooks for him.

Lunch is usually brown rice with chicken breast, a green vegetable, daal and salad. Dinner is brown rice again with fish or chicken stew and veggies.”

In the evening, he snacks on two biscuits and protein shake. In addition to this, he only drinks green tea without sugar as it rejuvenates and detoxifies the body. And when it comes to parties, he makes sure that he has his food at home and then goes out.

10. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has redefined fitness as far as the Indian cricket is concerned. The levels of fitness he has achieved, has now become a professional requirement for any young cricketer.

But initially, that wasn't the reason why he started such a strong fitness regime.

Once Virat said; "I will not say something which is inaccurate. I will not say that 'I never thought that fitness will make me look good,' because at some stage everyone thinks that way.

But just like he redefined his cricket after a slump in form of early part of his career, the Indian captain makes it a point that it will be his high fitness that will push his cricket to a different level.

"It is not confined to just sport because even in a work scenario as well, if you are fit, you will be able to work more and achieve more. You will be able to be more productive because if you lack in energy you will not be as productive as you should be.

So, I think it is taking care of your holistic development which includes physical and mental states, because mentally you cannot boost yourself if you are physically not strong as your body will not respond. Your body needs to be fit for your mind to think something and body to follow," Virat said....

While it has become a routine for Kohli, he insists maintaining high fitness has now become a part of his life style, and will stay with him even after he is done with professional cricket.

“Now, I don't do fitness to look good, but to stay fit and obviously, I have professional requirements as well. But even after that (cricket), I don't think it will change and will become a lifestyle," he insists.

"You need a set pattern of your training, the way you eat, how healthy and fit you need to be. Being fitter makes me mentally stronger. It was like a direct connection," Kohli recalled.

The Takeaway

If we want to have a well build physique, then we need to focus on our diet, exercise and sleep. One of the most important things is diet which is difficult to manage. Every profession has a different requirement altogether but the basic fitness requirement remains the same for each one of us and that is to increase physical activity, eat clean and nutritious food, incorporate warm up and cool down routines along with an exercise routine of at least an hour a day – and make it a lifestyle not just a phase. I hope this powerful dose of motivation from 10 of your favourite celebrities will push you enough throughout this year!

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